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25 Love Stories 1/25
Killian Jones and Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)

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Today, scientists have discovered water lurking in Jupiter’s largest moon, tomorrow they’ll uncover a cure for all diseases; however, there’s no explaining the colossal idea of soul mates. And perhaps that’s a secret God wants to keep to himself. Besides, it appears as though it’s the mystery of it all that makes it that much more immaculate. It’s this mind raveling idea that keeps us up some nights — no matter the time or place, two souls who are destined to meet will always find themselves magnetically drawn to each other. And if that’s not a beautiful thought to think about then we’re uncertain what is. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have meticulously created a love story where even in a world of beloved fairytales, it’s the unique story of broken warriors Killian Jones and Emma Swan effortlessly bandaging wounds and selflessly adoring one another that leaves viewers believing in an ethereal kind of love. True love is strength — a kind of magic that transcends time and basic human understanding, a kind of magic we could all use in our lives because it’s guaranteed to make us better. Even in the realm of fiction we could all use an inspiration. Therefore, it is with full confidence that we state Captain Swan is the epitome of an epic love story; it isn’t often a ship sails from conquering inner demons in Neverland to playing royals in the Enchanted Forest, and that would be enough to make it great even without their heroic statuses in Stoybrooke, but yet in alternate realities with limited memories, somewhere deep within their hearts still beat in the same rhythm.

Who doesn’t adore an exquisite love story where two lost souls find home with each other while effortlessly bringing out the best in one another? At no point in our lives did we imagine we’d find ourselves “shipping” Prince Charming and Snow White’s daughter with Captain Hook, but here we are. For us it began during an adventurous episode symbolically titled as “Tallahassee” (s2e6) — an episode that not only preludes a long journey towards finding home, but one we’d waited long for because Emma Swan’s backstory at the time still remained ambiguous. A conniving pirate couldn’t be too bad if he remembered the kind of look lost boys share in their eyes right? It had to have meant that he too was one. It had to have meant he was more than just ridiculously good looking. It isn’t easy to trust Captain Hook in the beginning, but as the episode progresses, he continues to prove that he’s not only a respectable gentleman, but also a man who’s trying very hard to get to know Emma Swan because he’s able to instantaneously see that the woman in front of him is special. This isn’t the story of a villain and a hero falling in love, it’s the story of kindred spirits — it’s the story of a lost boy and a lost girl coming home. Killian Jones and Emma Swan are inexpressibly remarkable characters on their own thereby together, they’re legendary. And we’re fans of legendary. Perhaps what makes them so wonderful is that even through the disagreements, it’s substantiated in “And Straight on til Morning” (s2e22) that they understand one another, and one simple choice to put pride and selfish desires aside can change everything. Or maybe it’s the fact that on a haunting island where they’re stripped of their armors due to the inner terrors they’re to confront, upon realizing how truly lost Emma is, Killian declares that he’d like to get to know her — affirming that even though she’s been let down in the past, she now stands before a man who has no intentions of hurting her. A man who ten episodes later will stop at nothing to find her, restore her memories, and take her home to a real family — “New York City Serenade” (s3e12). And soon, in a lovely episode titled “Kansas” (s3e20), we’d learn that though our heroine’s afraid of opening her heart to love, she’d much rather sacrifice her magic in order to save Killian’s life. Although perhaps, their most defining moments could be found in their time traveling adventures to the Enchanted Forest — the moments where we were truly able to see that they do in fact make quite the team. Snow Falls” and “There’s No Place Like Home” (s3e21-22) are episodes equivalent to a noteworthy feature film. Top that. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve seen the episodes, you’re fully aware of just how gorgeously each detail of their relationship has been presented. And as viewers, we feel so fortunate to embark on these adventures with them.

Emma Swan is a rare kind of special, for despite her predestined heroine status, no matter the trials she’s faced, she’s remained good. She’s always fought even at her most vulnerable, she’s made wise choices, and she’s always given her all. As our favorite character from the very first episode, we always wanted a perfect love story for her. It’s no surprise now is it who’d be the most suited. A man who’s spent hundreds of years chasing silver and gold showcases that there’s no treasure greater than Emma Swan through his actions, steadfast support, and everlasting compassion. Abandonment is a formidable matter for both, but there’s immeasurable beauty in the way they’ve each made it their priority to love their person so fervently, the burdens they’d once carried alone are stepping stones towards freedom for two. Their love represents the ultimate safe haven — an incandescently wondrous place where they’re welcomed just as they are.

There are a few necessities for a love to be true other than the unwavering adoration and sincerity – love is growing old with someone in more ways than just physically. At any given point in their relationships lovers learn from one another, they fight, they laugh, they cry, and they’re always at a better place than where they began. And throughout it all, they’re safely at their most vulnerable — completely open and courageous. From the moment they met, Killian and Emma have effortlessly inspired one another to grow as happier, more admirable individuals. And true love doesn’t just inspire one to be good only to their partner, but to the rest of the world. When the heart is filled with the kind of unparalleled bliss only love can bring, it’s a natural desire to be good to the world for it exudes out of someone as light shines off the sun. It’s easy to be heroes and even when it’s not, darkness isn’t as powerful. Emma Swan is an inspiration to all those who’ve spent a good amount of their lives believing that they aren’t enough to be chosen, and Killian Jones is a fighter, a man who’d stop at nothing to honorably be worthy of goodness. Emma is the kind of woman who deserves to be fought for, and through his ardent adoration and unwavering encouragement Killian helps Emma feel safe enough to let her walls down, to feel comfortable with the gifts she’s been given, and to realize that home isn’t a place, it’s the people you love. By accepting him completely the way he is, Emma showcases that she cares most deeply for the man within than the things he may have done in the past. They’re patient with one another, respectful, compassionate, and empathetic. They know just what the other needs to hear and precisely how to deliver the message. At the end of the day, the two of them authenticate the conception that love has the power to do incomparable things – Killian and Emma have found their equals in one another, they’re each other’s person, and at the end of the day, the most beautiful part of their relationship is that being themselves doesn’t take much effort. They both come from a place where they weren’t always treasured, but together, they fill the voids that have been left behind from their pasts.

And the best part is, their adventures have just begun. From Neverland to the Camelot, each and every moment where they’re on screen, there’s no love story quite as marvelous on television.

Special thank you to Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue for being irreplaceably strong scene partners — Captain Swan wouldn’t be as beautiful if the lead actors didn’t understand their characters as exceptionally.

Who’s number one on your list?

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  1. This is perfect, Very well written and showcases perfectly the true beauty of this relationship and all it’s simple yet beautiful moments. A love story that grips us all both aesthetically and emotionally from the first moment they meet.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Killian and Emma’s love story is the best love story I’ve ever seen and you couldn’t have described it better. Well done.

  3. This is the best thing I’ve ever read about them! I have been so burned in the past with how TV shows handle love stories. I think the problem is that TV shows inherently need to live for at least 5 or 6 seasons (at least these days) and most writers just don’t know how to tell a good love story that stretches that far. It’s either the build up is excruciatingly long only to have a very short payoff and then end. OR they jump in too quickly and fizzle and don’t know how to continue to make it watchable. I think the fact that this show is based on fantasy, makes it a little easier in that they can put them in adventures and experiences and watch as how those outside influences affect their relationship or build it up. They don’t have to just be an office or sitting in an apartment trying to be interesting while being a couple. In any case, because of this I rarely even watch shows live anymore because I don’t want to invest the time unless I know they will do a good job of telling the love story aspect. But I feel pretty safe with Once because so far it has been epic and from everything I’ve read (including this) it is obvious everyone working on the show and the majority of fans agree. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words on our article. Captain Swan is our favorite story to write about it and it means a lot when it resonates with someone else. You are definitely right, not a lot of show runners know how to handle love stories and it’s pretty sad to see unnecessary drama you don’t see in real life trying to come off organic on TV. We love the fact that there’s always something new with this show. Even if the themes are similar the adventures and the moments are always worth watching and enjoyable!

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