Project Announcement: 100 Days of Fan Favorites

Fandom Positivity
4 Categories | 25 Choices 

As much fandoms are an incredible place to meet friends and have engaging discussions about our favorite things, it’s unfortunately not always the healthiest environment. Although we wish we could deny it doesn’t exist, negativity is constantly present. There’s almost always some sort of a ship war happening, anonymous hate sprinkled everywhere, and people fighting with people over their opinions. We’ve decided that in order to continue spreading positivity, we’re going to spend 100 days talking about what we love. Apart from our weekly TV reviews, we wanted to start this project as another form of spreading love through our site. We want to take this time to talk about what’s inspired us and we want to encourage you all to do the same. (Plus, one of us is just a huge fan of making lists — if there’s an opportunity to make one, you best believe she’ll take it.)

Because we’re writers, we’ll be writing about each of our choices; however, if you wanted to do this as well, you could show your love in numerous ways: gifs, graphics, hashtags on social media, whatever you choose. We’re all extremely busy so there’s no deadline. You could spread out the 100 days however you’d like, at the end, what’ll matter is that we’ve spent 100 days talking about things we love and that’s a nice way to spend time. And now without further ado, the categories:

25 Favorite Couples
25 Favorite Families / Friendships
25 Favorite Females
25 Favorite Males

You can choose from your favorite films, TV series, or novels. Remember to use the hashtag #100DaysofFanFavorites on social media. And for the individual sub categories just as they’re listed above. You can do this wherever you’d like and however you’d like for the sole purpose is to once again spend less time hating on others, and spending more time spreading love.


  1. Spread Kindness 
    talk about what you love without trashing what you dislike
  2. Write/Create as Though You’re the Only One Who’ll See It
    remember these are your opinions and they could be whatever they want
  3. Don’t Comment on Opinions You Disagree With
    please x infinity — we sincerely just want this to be an opportunity to spread love, if you disagree with something that’s been said, turn the other cheek
  4. Have Fun!

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