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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

April 26 – May 2
The Number of Rats” | Chicago P.D.
Stella Maeve 

Essentially what this episode has done is taken a piece of my heart and stomped on it. And what did the doing even more than the fact that Nadia was murdered was the hope she left with. Nadia Decotis clearly had a heart of gold – a vivacious spirit determined to make it because she knew that the only way to go was up. Stella Maeve floored me with her outstanding performance. I was expecting a great performance but the way she spoke to Yates in the car quickly surpassed great the moment she opened her mouth. Maeve exhibited great strength in a moment of sheer vulnerability through her steadfast fight. While you could see tinges of fear in her eyes, she spoke with an admirable poise that gave Nadia unparalleled strength in the moment.

Nadia fought with such bravery and commendable heart I’m still in a state of admiration because of it. And probably always will be. She spoke up. She chose to literally and verbally spit in Yates’ face to solidify the fact that justice will be serviced. He cannot silence the voices of all those he’s raped and murdered. He cannot win in the end because men like him never do. She chose to remind him of the strength he very much doubted in her by putting up the strongest fight she could’ve at the moment. I loved that her confidence spoke for all girls – lord only knows what was going through Nadia’s head at the moment, but her words dominated in every way they could’ve. Her heroism came from the officer within her – the one she was always destined to be because in a moment where she was physically unable to do anything, her heart cared mostly for justice. In this moment her words showcased more strength than the body could ever. She was admirable and if you ask me, she died an officer. She’d made it even without official certification. Her heroic character shined most beautifully through her heart. And that’s pretty badass because true strength isn’t just physical, it’s remaining good in a cruel world – it’s selflessness and bravery.

Stella Maeve graced our screens with the warmth she always played Nadia with, but in this week’s episode, she brought fire masterfully.

Honorable Mention:
“The Number of Rats” | Chicago P.D.
Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush’s performances are always fantastic, but the rage and vulnerability she brought to the court scene this week broke my heart in every way. She fought impeccably hard for Nadia by putting up a brave face while she broke on the inside. Bush showcased a multitude of emotions through the profound expressiveness she delivered spotlessly. It was a difficult episode to watch, but full of so much heart – the performances on Chicago P.D. are more than half the reason I love this series so much.

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