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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

April 19-25
The Storm Has Just Begun” | Nashville
Charles Esten

You know a performance has been great when you’ve ugly cried so much you can’t ever watch it again because it’s that heartbreaking.

How on earth do you possibly react to your child begging you to tell them that you aren’t going to die? No amount of hope in the world could ever prepare anyone for that kind of question – and Deacon’s tearfully overwhelmed response showcases the horrors of the situation. As if Lennon Stella’s vulnerability in that scene wasn’t enough to crush my heart, Charles Esten’s faultless response was intensely masterful. Esten’s delivery of the hopelessness, heartbreak, and desperation experienced by Deacon was legitimately heart shattering.

What made Esten’s performance the most noteworthy this week is the raw exposure of colossal fear and agony – the full range of emotions were poignantly realistic. As father and daughter embraced, both actors made certain the audience could feel how terrifying and painful this entire situation truly is.

Honorable Mention: Lennon Stella “The Storm Has Just Begun” | Nashville

We can’t possibly commend Charles Esten’s performance without shining light onto Lennon Stella’s as well for it’s her character who’s breaking us the most. When it comes to depicting true heartbreak in the form of uncertainties as she did, it takes a great amount of talent to make it feel realistic. No matter how old you get or where you are in life, there’s no fear quite as daunting as the thought of a parent dying. And what Lennon Stella did impeccably is made that fear feel natural.

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