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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

April 12-18
Heart of Gold” | Once Upon A Time
Sean Maguire

In the first real Robin Hood centric, Sean Maguire showcased why he’s so exceptionally perfect for the role. Nobility and valor are two of Robin Hood’s traits that radiate the brightest – accurately illuminating his honor through goodness is one thing, but authenticating the heart’s pureness can only be seen through proper expressiveness.

There were plenty of excellent performances on television this week, but the estimable sincerity and vulnerability Maguire delivered each of his scenes with are most commendable. Robin’s dealt with a lot of heartache and confusion since the end of season three; however, it’s the nobility he’s carried with him that’ve reminded viewers of the kind of man Robin Hood’s always wanted to be. And while at a certain point, his Marian being back wasn’t enough, the courageous thief has continuously shown that he’s willing to try. He’s still a man of honor because that’s who he wants and tries to be. In “Heart of Gold”especially, Maguire did a remarkable job of validating that the goodness within Robin comes from all the pain. Maguire was able to exhibit that although Robin knows it won’t be an easy road, the memories of what Marian has done for him and his code are enough for him to find his happiness with the miracle he believes he’s been given.

And throughout the entire episode, as an audience, we were truly able to feel his endearing sensitivity for the greater good – Maguire was able to convey a full range of emotions through the poignancy he wore meticulously in his expressions.

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