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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 29 – April 4
I Can’t Keep Away From You” | Nashville

There were many wonderful moments in this episode, but the crown for best easily goes to the incredible performance by the Triple Xs. It reminded me, and presumably many others, of the scene where Rayna finally sings and knocks it out of the ball park after the accident.

There’s nothing more inspiring and stunning than a moment where absolute happiness eclipses a heart shattering memory. Unfortunately, memories can’t be wiped and things will never be forgotten, but there will come a time where that darkness won’t be as powerful as the light. And ever since Scarlett’s breakdown, I’ve been waiting for the day she tried again – to realize her worth and to stand on her own with the immeasurable strength within her. Clare Bowen did such a great job of showcasing poise with a sense of fear and it’s precisely what made the performance riveting. It felt organic. After the first note, it was evident that Scarlett O’Connor is now stronger than ever. Her strength comes from the fact that she’s been weak – it means she’s fought through and conquered the pain. With everything that she’s been through it was fascinating to see her finally own the stage like she’s meant to. Scarlett may have never wanted or imagined a life in arenas, but sometimes the career chooses you. Sometimes, you’re so good at something, it has to be your calling. And this was the first time in a really long time where audiences could see how much she’d grown to love the thrill of music without forgetting how to respect the art. And aesthetically, stage lighting was breathtaking – the spotlight on Scarlett wasn’t just meant to illuminate her as the lead singer, but as the light in the group. If it weren’t for Scarlett, both Gunnar and Avery’s lives would’ve been completely different. Her honesty and compassion has undoubtedly played a vast role in inspiring them during countless occasions. Therefore, during the performance – for everyone watching and sharing the stage with her, this was the moment meant to elucidate just how valuable, irreplaceable, and unique Scarlett is because of who she’s chosen to be. I couldn’t be more proud of Scarlett for conquering the cracks in the road because it led her to this exquisite moment where she’s finally at a good place doing what she’s fallen in love with.

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