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Scandal 4×22 “You Can’t Take Command” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

We finally get a happy ending but it wouldn’t be Scandal without a cliffhanger of a fav character and their faith on the show!

Episode Summary: The Gladiators took down B613 and Olivia finally picked her man and Mellie won her election, but sadly Fitz lost his.

Review | Analysis: The episode opened up with Mellie speaking to Mr. Papa Pope who obviously was in disguise as a billionaire donor, Damascus Bainbridge. Once everyone left, he told her his true intentions: showing her photos of her trysts with the VP and evidence of Remington, the secret operation from last season, oh a slew of things!

He basically blackmails Mellie giving her the solution to the problem: a list of names. Meanwhile, the grand jury proceedings about B613 were going great! Jake testified and David was the attorney general. Just as we thought things were going well, Huck comes in bringing the Gladiators to a gruesome crime scene: all the grand jurors were sitting dead inside a bus, practically massacred. The papers were destroyed meaning that there was no B613 to take down. The existence of it was basically non-existent.

Cyrus blackmailed David into getting Jake and Liv to retell their testimony and sign an affidavit agreeing they’d never discuss B613 again. And David goes through with it because Cy had threatened to kill Abby. As if that wasn’t enough drama, Mama Pope gets out of jail in exchange of keeping quiet, but we all know this woman means business! She did chew off her own wrist to escape being locked up.

We later find out that Huck was the one who killed all those jurors in the bus thanks to Quinn. He kept saying how he didn’t want to, but he had to protect his family and for once Quinn didn’t believe him. She told him that she was done defending him while pointing a gun to his head. “Do it. Please, Quinn, do it,” Huck begged.

Back at the White House, Fitz and Mellie get into it and he ends up kicking her out of the White House and fires Cyrus too. Liz ends up becoming the chief of staff. Jake and Olivia go back to her apartment but he knew that she didn’t love him as much as he did her so he told her to go get him.

She surprised Fitz on the balcony of the White House for a very long and overdue kiss as they stood in the sun (in reference to the song, Here Comes the Sun). What’s interesting was that in last season’s finale she tried to do the same thing with Jake by leaving Washington, but this time hopefully it’ll last longer, poor Liv she deserves it!

So Gladiators, what did you think of the finale? Let us know.

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