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Scandal 4×21 “A Few Good Women” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

A week left from the season finale and all roads lead to Rowan.

Episode Summary: It seems that everything that has happened Papa Pope has had something to do with it. Now it seems like he is planning something major called Operation Foxtail.

Review | Analysis: Jake has been staying at Olivia’s apartment to recuperate. Abby and Liv have lunch together and all Abs can talk about is Jake, despite the fact that there were more pressing matters that needed attention.

The latest case is brought to you by our full-of-surprises VP Susan Ross. Susan meets Ensign Amy Martin and she notices a bruise on Amy’s wrist and requests some alone time with the sailor. Mind you she meets this girl at a Navy photo-op. Amy says the bruise was the result of a training accident, but come on we all know that is a lie.

Before we know it, Susan and Amy are back at the White House and Susan is trying to convince Fitz and Cy that Amy had been raped and needs their help. Since the two men don’t seem to be interesting in helping her, she goes to Olivia. Of course Amy speaks up and we find out that her rapist had been a decorated admiral who’s known to rub elbows with Fitz. He denied being on the ship at the time Amy was raped. The Pentagon refused to give the logs that would confirm the whereabouts of the admiral during the time of the crime.

Mellie even steps in trying to convince Fitz to get involved and he says “I can’t intervene, it would send the wrong message.” On the other hand, Olivia faces quite a few hurdles in her quest to get justice for this girl. Amy can only be represented by a Judge Advocate General, Virgil, a young lawyer who refers to Amy’s accused rapist as a “god” and confesses to having to rest to Ambient to calm his nerves.

With all this going on, it seems like the admiral is going to get away with this crime, but Fitz eventually requests the logs himself and at first it looks like the admiral was not on the ship. However, Liv figures out that another Navy officer was using the badge of the admiral. A confession finally comes out and Amy gets the justice she deserved.

Back to the operation for a second. Turns out that the foxtail is none other than First Lady, Mellie Grant and the donor is Rowan. We also find out that Virgil isn’t really Virgil and that the real Virgil is locked up somewhere.

A few questions that are still up in the air: Who is fake Virgil? What is Rowan going to do with Mellie?

Until next Thursday, Gladiators. Let us know what you thought of this episode below!

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