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Scandal 4×20 “First Lady Sings the Blues” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Tonight’s episode was rather an interesting one. Two episodes left until the season is over and the battle between Liv and Rowan is turning really, I mean really deadly.

Episode Summary: Well first thing is first, Jake is alive! But what it means for the rest of the gang is to go on a blood hunt, obviously!

Review | Analysis: Turns out Olivia’s lover didn’t stab Jake enough in the right spots for him to really die. However, even though they wanted to go blood for blood, they had an issue – the not-so-trusting Russian doc refused to help Jake if the team didn’t help him out but who cares since Jake is alive and that is all we care about!

The reality of the situation was that the team didn’t know that Russell was to blame for the near-death incident. And as if that wasn’t worse, him and Olivia were still together. But you and I both know Olivia by now and she eventually put two and two together and figured it out.

Now on to the ever-so-popular conflict between father and daughter for a sec. So Olivia may have taken off a branch of her father’s “reign of terror,” her father is still alive and he is willing to kill pretty much everyone Olivia knows.

Meanwhile, Mellie is running for senator in Virginia, but it doesn’t seem like the people are too up to par with the fact that the senator is also the current First Lady. Our dear Sally Langston came into the picture and gave her two cents on what she thought of Mellie. Cyrus has also played a huge role in her running and he still continues to defend her.

The episode draws to end as it gets back to Olivia verses Papa Pope and him getting shot. She tells him that he was a good trooper and invites him back into the bedroom. He closes his eyes and opens them to a gun on his forehead. Come on, Papa, did you really think you were going to get off that easy? We all know Olivia isn’t stupid, and that Rowan should know better than to trust anybody.

Let us know what you thought of the episode! Until next time Gladiators…

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