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Scandal 4×19 “I’m Just A Bill” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Did we just see the end of someone very crucial to the show? Read on to find out!

Episode Summary: Rowan’s return raises the stakes for all those that are trying to get rid of B613.

Review | Analysis: The episode starts off with Rowan and Olivia having wine. She is obviously not happy to see him and asks what he wants. He says he has this big problem and since she’s a fixer she would be the perfect person to help him. The problem is that there are a group of people that are building a case against him and some secret B613 organization. Olivia says all she cares about is justice but Rowan asks if she hates him so much that she’s willing to tear down Fitz at the same time.

She lets the gang in on what Rowan had told her and David suggests convening a grand jury right away and admits that it will put Fitz at risk. He also says that they need to talk strategy. The Brandon Bill, related to the shooting of the kid that Olivia worked on a few episodes back, is in the works to get votes and we find out that Fitz wants Brandon’s father to be present at the bill signing. Cyrus tells Abby he’s excited to see black people voting Republican. Abby does not seem to agree.

The runner, Marcus Walker, against the current mayor, Mayor Verrano is ahead however a tragedy has just occurred. Olivia goes to visit Marcus and sees blood. The mayor’s wife is dead and Marcus has the blood on his hands literally. He explains the story and how they thought it was her husband who had broken into the house the night before but it turned out to be a group of men who assaulted her and stabbed her multiple times, 5 according to Huck.

Huck and Quinn clean up the crime scene and leave the body behind. Abby is seen handling the press questions and says that the VP Susan Ross fully supports the bill and is preparing to vote. However, that doesn’t seem to be true because we see later that the VP actually doesn’t agree with a lot of the things that are said in the bill and says that that a lot it won’t work.

Verrano resigns and Marcus takes his place, but ends up in jail after he confesses about what really happened that night. Fitz and Olivia get to work on revising the bill and Cyrus comes in and tells Fitz that Susan was right about the bill, that they’ll get killed in the press but he’ll give them something else to write about and announces that Mellie is running for Senate.

After another altercation with Rowan, Olivia says she’s not going to help him and will come after him. And here comes the big shocker of the night…Jake comes to Olivia’s office in response to a text from her and is attacked! By whom? Russell of course. He stabs Jake in the stomach and says he is disappointed because Rowan always would rave on about him and how he was so great. He tells Jake to try again and stabs him more.

What do you guys think? Is Jake really dead? Let us know below! Until next week gladiators…

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