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Scandal 4×18 “Honor Thy Father” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Jake’s looking more and more guilty while Senator-to-be Mellie faces some family problems as Olivia gets a blast from the past.

Episode Summary: David is trying to take down B613 the whole team but Jake help him. Olivia works with a Congressman who wanted to help his father who is on Death Row.

Review | Analysis: In this week’s “Scandal” we were reminded how it’s not always easy to differentiate the good versus the bad guys. We even got a “previously on” clip before the episode actually aired to remind us that David is trying to take down B613.

Everyone – meaning Quinn and Huck even Charlie – is on board to help David with the case, however Jake makes it clear that “it is his death warrant” and that if David doesn’t “drop the case, he’ll drop it for him.” So the team focuses on who worked directly with Jake. He arranges to put them in a safe house until they can testify in secret in front of the grand jury. This obviously doesn’t put them in a good position…

Charlie comes back from an errand to see that the witnesses are no more. Jake is there and Charlie decides that the team and himself should kill Jake. Huck agrees and Quinn slowly accepts that they have to kill him if they want to stay alive.

The blast from the past we mentioned earlier about Liv well remember how two episodes ago she met Russell at a bar? Well he’s been sleeping over at Liv’s and he soon realizes that her name isn’t really Alex. She asks him to leave, but he tries to persuade her to let him stay longer. Ha, yeah right!

A Congressman by the name of Nicholas Reed asks for Liv’s help in exonerating his father, George, who is waiting for his execution for murder. 15 years ago, George confessed to murdering his daughter’s math teacher. The teacher was 29-years-old and had a sexual relationship with Nick’s 14-year-old sister, who hung herself after the math teacher broke her heart. George shot the teacher, but Nick tells Liv that his father is innocent.

She goes and visits George in prison to tell him that she believes the congressman and will be working to get him off death row, regardless if he decides to chime in or not. After searching around for clues, she finds out that Nick’s sister wasn’t the only student who the teacher abused. Then Liv thinks of another idea, the ex-wife. However, she died two weeks prior from cancer.

But obviously the father isn’t the guilty one that is why his son insisted Liv help because turns out Nick is the guilty one. Olivia convinces George that the best thing for his son to do now is to own up for his actions. And that is exactly what Nick does. He admits to his doings and resigns from Congress.

Flash forward to Mellie! There’s some bad tension between her and her half sister, Harmony because her father left her mother to go be with Harmony’s mother. Fitz ends up breaking the fight. The other thing Mellie has on her plate is that Cyrus doesn’t want her to run for office which means it’s not going to be an easy run for her. I wonder if he’ll step in her way like he’s tried with the Prez before … Another OMG moment was when we found that Jake’s assistant, Holly, was a member of B613. She was the one that had been feeding info to Rowan, aka Papa Pope. She was the one who killed the agents in the safe house. So Jake manages to kill her but he tells David that they should expect that there are more covert agents around.

Do you think it’s coincidence that Franklin aka Russell shows up at Liv’s door in the next scene? Obi not because guess who’s standing by him? PAPA POPE! But what we really want to know is Russell part of B613? What’s Rowan doing? Are we going to see more of Harmony? The questions just keep coming! Let us know what you thought of the episode below! Until next week Gladiators …

– Tanya Nazarian





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