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Scandal 4×17 “Put A Ring On It” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Cyrus gets married, again.

Episode Summary: This week’s episode contained a lot of flashbacks into Cyrus’ past and how he became to be the person he is today.

Review | Analysis: In this week’s Scandal, we see Cyrus getting married for the third time. The wedding was moved up due to Michael calling the team at 4 in the morning. Liv decided to designate Mellie as the host of the gay Republican White House Wedding.

The problem wasn’t Lizzie Bear and her encounter with Mellie and how she didn’t like how Mellie was the host and whatnot, but rather former Vice President Sally. She apparently has a show now that’s called “The Liberty Report and it still keeps in contact with her old campaign manager, Leo Bergen.

She gets her hands on some inside info on the relationship of the two men and how it is a total sham, but we find out thanks to Olivia, that Leo’s girlfriend, Abby, is inadvertently leaking information to Sally, by way of Leo.

Fast forward to the flashbacks! Cy’s first wedding was to a woman by the name of Janet. Seemed to be set in the 80s and this was way before the time that he could admit that he was actually gay. 16 years later, they get a divorce.

His second marriage to none other than our beloved James, was by all counts, as real as it can get. James was the one person that encouraged Cyrus to be his true self and eventually come out.

Sally’s closeted gay husband, also dead, stopped the show from revealing the truth about Cyrus and Michael. Liv being the sneaky person she is, threatened to reveal that Daniel Douglas was on Michael’s client list. As genius as this is, it is not clear if this information is actually true, but guess we’ll never really know since Daniel is dead.

Another thing to bring up, remember Olivia’s ring? We find out what that’s all about! First off, the ring has a name: Doux Bebe, which means sweet baby. The ring belonged to Fitz’s grandmother and it meant a lot to him that Liv wore it as a symbol of their connection. Keyword here is wore. She ends up showing up to the office without it and  it looked like Fitz was about to cry, but don’t fret she ends up wearing the ring again by the end of the episode.

Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode below! Until next Thursday Gladiators…

– Tanya Nazarian





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