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Scandal 4×16 “It’s Good to be Kink” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Lena Dunham guest stars in this week’s episode and it was nothing short of it being like a segment taken out of SNL.

Episode Summary: Olivia takes on a case that deals with Sue an author of a 17-chapter book who threatens to disrupt D.C.’s power scene.

Review | Analysis: This week’s episode was rather an interesting one. Lena Dunham guest starred and her character, Sue, was a hot head. She has this book that she wants to go public with however Abby realizes that one of the chapters is about her boyfriend, Leo Bergen.

Olivia goes to her apartment and she does not know how to react. She says “Oh my God, you’re Olivia Pope. Am I in trouble?” Liv gets down to business and tells her that she will ruin her if she goes public with this information.

Quinn sets her up on a date with Charlie to buy time for Huck to go to her apartment and steal the manuscript. This manuscript turns out to be extremely helpful and Abby realizes she has connections to two of the chapters and that the “doctor” character is David Rosen.

All the members of the OPA seem to be on board to pay off Sue except Rosen, obviously. I don’t get why he is such a buzz kill, for the lack of better words. On the other hand, this seems to be bad news for Huck because he agreed to help Rosen in the take down of B613 but not without being granted immunity.

Abby pens her resignation and admits to being Leo’s girlfriend. Gears switch to Olivia helping Mellie in her campaign for Senator of Virginia and at the same time she manages to solve the Sue problem.Turns out that Sue was illegally fired from her job after refusing to sleep with her boss, who then made sure she wouldn’t get hired anywhere else. Sue says she just wants her reputation back, she doesn’t care about the money. She agrees to not publish the book, phew!

The episode could’ve ended there right? But no, in true Scandal fashion we see Huck and Quinn go back to Sue’s apartment and find Sue and one of the men in the book with a knife on her throat. Huck goes after the guy and returns to only slit her throat. What?!

Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode below. Until next week, Gladiators…

– Tanya Nazarian





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