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Scandal 4×15 “The Testimony of Diego Munoz” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Gladiators hold on to your white hats! This week’s episode is filled with drama from the semi return of B613 and the new Vice President!

Episode Summary: Huck is forced to confront his past with B613, the new VP comes into town and Liv is trying to get back into living life “normally.”

Review | Analysis: This episode is still the first after Olivia’s adventures as a terrorist hostage. It also just so happens to be roughly the halfway point of the season. After the high stakes of the last few eps, this one tones it down a bit.

David Rosen is holding what is known as a Big Block of Cheese Day where various marginal members of the public get access to high-ranking members of the government. Some woman comes and tells him that she wants to bring charges against B613 and her husband will testify. This obviously shakes up the members of B613, especially since the flies this woman has are the ones Rosen had lost.

The husband turns out to be none other than Huck! He is Diego Munoz and for some reason his wife has finally given into believing him after hearing all the stories. This could obviously be bad news for everyone. However, since Huck is the main guy he decides he can just bluff his way out of it.

Switching sides for a second, the White House is attempting to get their hands on a new VP. They settle with the quirky, weird (for the lack of better words), first-term congresswoman Susan Ross. She would be unelectable should Mellie decide to run for President one day. Fitz is committed to this plan of hers so Susan fits the description perfectly.

As the episode came to an end, Liv saves the day, of course. She gets Ross back on board and ready to go and figures out that the confirmation problem was not an issue that involved Ross. It’s a problem with Fitz actually and his approach in declaring and pulling out of the very unnecessary war against West Angola. He says sorry and all is well! Ha, go figure. And as if that wasn’t good news enough, Leo doesn’t dump Abby so everyone is happy go lucky.

Until next week Gladiators, let us know what you thought of this episode!

– Tanya Nazarian





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