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Scandal 4×14 “The Lawn Chair” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, shed light on the Ferguson case.

Episode Summary: Olivia faced her most challenging case yet – the shooting deaths of unarmed black men.

Review | Analysis: After only being back for a few days, Olivia is back working away. It’s as if she wasn’t even kidnapped or anything! Instead she is seen on her way to a scene where a 17-year-old black man, Brandon Parker, has been shot by a white police officer.

Olivia focuses her attention on calming the kid’s father, Clarence, assuring him that she can get the attorney general down to the scene so he can discuss his concerns. She calls David Rosen and briefs him on the situation, but he doesn’t do much except send an assistant attorney instead. That didn’t make sense, but okay …

A neighborhood activist, Marcus Walker, approaches the scene with a lawn chair – the inspiration for this episode’s title if you didn’t already figure it out – which he gives to Clarence. The grieving father unfolds the chair over his son’s body and sits there with his shotgun.

The story starts to make national headlines and soon Abby is seen answering questions from the reporters about whether the president intends to make a statement. The White House issues no official statement, but Fitz’s sentiments are summed up in an online address from the governor of New Mexico, Rosalyn Mendez.

Enter Mellie! She reminds Fitz that he promised he’d do everything in his power to support her in her desire to be prez. According to Mellie though, she prostituted herself so that he could get his mistress back and now he’s going to take someone who is a young, charismatic, Latina female and make her vice pres? She asks him, “What happened to my turn?”

Guess her talk with Fitz worked because he ends up leaking some not so nice facts about Mendez and puts Mellie in charge to find a replacement VP candidate. So she sets her sights on Susan Ross, a newly elected senator with strong opinions on vaccinations and tax reforms.

Liv interviews the officer who shot Brandon. He maintains that he used his weapon in self-defense. Huck and Quinn run a background check on the activist and try to get their hands on some footage, but they discover that the footage has already been obtained by none other than the police department.

A whole fiasco unveils itself when the footage is seen. Apparently someone had tried to showcase Brandon as a villain, so-to-speak and put a knife under his body. Turns out, after looking at the footage more closely, Quinn and Huck see that there is another suspect in the police car who has a knife on him but wasn’t taken in to get charged and book.

Guess the feds were wrong after all! Brandon was reaching into his pocket for a piece of paper, a receipt that proved he had paid for the smartphone since he was suspected of stealing.

The episode ends with a close shot of his body finally being taken away from the street.

We can’t wait to see what happens next! Until then Gladiators …

– Tanya Nazarian





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