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Revenge 4×23 “Two Graves” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

As much as we make mistakes, It is never too late to turn around and be the person you know that you could be.

Episode Summary: Amanda Clarke admits to killing Victoria Grayson. Before we can call her crazy, it is her plan of escape. With the help of Nolan, the security system malfunctions, giving her enough time to leave. Her calm attitude as she walks out of the prison walls is a hilariously powerful moment. She escapes from from a high secured confinement without a scratch or a bruise. And as Nolan waits outside for her, we remember flashbacks of the two when she first got out so many years ago. Amanda Clarke becomes Amanda Porter as Revenge comes to an end. And lives are remembered as love paves the way to peace.

Review | Analysis: As the show begins, we see a younger Amanda with her father. She draws the infinity sign in the sand as her father completes it. This sign has always been here, from the very beginning. It was that strong infinite love that lead Amanda to clear her father’s name and come out happier than ever.

The moment we have waited four years for is finally here. Though Amanda and Jack are caught up in finding Victoria, being alone in a room is difficult to ignore. Their love is so evident when they share a kiss. Just a few years ago, Jack fell in love with Amanda when he knew her as Emily. Something pulled him to her even when he didn’t know her true identity or understand the depth of this bond. Her heart was familiar to him.That itself, is the epitome of true love.

As the death of Ben becomes public news, Margaux’s conscious gets the best of her. Although she did not physically harm anyone, the assassin she hired, killed an innocent man and hurt Jack. We see a glimpse of Margaux as she speaks with such pain to Nolan. She lost her father, her lover, and her baby and it turned her into someone she could not look at. In the end, she does the noble thing and helps to stop the assassin from further violence. She turns herself in to be the woman that Daniel fell in love with. We know that he would have been so proud.

As Victoria reveals herself to Louise, she is stunned. The love and loyalty she had, compelled Victoria to tell her the truth. This however, was a secret too difficult to forgive. We know this as we see her lead Amanda to Victoria Grayson. Victoria says that she died long ago as David pulls the trigger for his daughter. Knowing that she has so much to live for, he gives up his freedom and the only days he has left.

As Victoria falls to her death, she manages to fire at Amanda. For a moment, the both of them lay motionless on the floor, Victoria in all black and Amanda in all white. Four years of revenge and this is the way it seemed to be ending. It was symbolic in every way possible.

We see Amanda and her sister by a grave. David was gone. We see a flashback of the two, sitting together by their old home. As Amanda walks toward the carving on the wood, David tells her how happy he is to see the woman she has become. Their time was so special. He utters infinity x infinity and leaves the world knowing how lucky they were to have their last moment together.

Amanda was saved, not only physically, but in every way possible, by her father. He showed her that happiness was possible. He taught her to be good. We once believed that David Clarke was dead. We once believed that Amanda would never know her father. But she did, and she loved him in the little time that they did have together. He loved her back to girl she used to be. He loved her back to innocence. And that is the girl we saw walking down the isle towards Jack.

David’s blessing to Jack was special. There is no one better to give Amanda away to then Jack. Let’s face it, she never needed any help. She is capable of escaping prisons. But she does need Jack but love heals even the darkest wounds. He has always been there and he has always been an honorable man. David taught her love and Jack will continue to the do the same thing. Always.

Nolan, the most amazing best friend someone could ever ask for. Now that revenge has come to an end, he feels like he has lost himself. And after all the times he has saved her, it was time for Amanda to save him. We see this as a young man asks for his help to avenge his innocent mother.

During the wedding reception, Jack ackowdleges so many people who have passed away. We say goodbye to Declan, Ben, Aidan, Daniel, Emily, and David. But we not only say goodbye to them, but the entire cast of Revenge. After four years, we have learned the meaning of true love by watching Jack remain by Amanda. We have learned of true friendship by watching Nolan and Amanda smile together and cry together. We have learned that it is never too late as we watch David and Amanda be a family once again.

In the end, we see that love and love alone was always the only way to end Revenge.

– Marian S.

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