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Revenge 4×22 “Plea” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The truth always has a way of coming out, no matter how much we try to cover it.

Episode Summary: After all this time, Amanda is behind bars. And with the only man with answers on the loose, she must figure out a way to find him. However, to her surprise, he is not the only one she finds.

Review | Analysis: With a tracker attached to Amanda, it’s difficult to get a hold of Mason Treadwell. Fortunately for her, Nolan has proven to be the best techy in the business. Only needing a few moments to fiddle with the wiring, Amanda is free to go in search of the man who’s clearly had it out for her. But who will wear the tracker? David Clark. As her only way to protect her father, she wraps the bracelet around him so that he may rest from all the chemotherapy. Ben, knowing Amanda all too well, comes for a visit.

Ben seems to be a tad hurt at the way things ended with his ex-girlfriend. Though Amanda seems to have always loved Jack, for a while, her feelings for Ben seemed pure as well. Jack is a reminder of her childhood memories – some beautiful and some dark. He has been the symbol of good and purity in a life that was filled with pain and anger. Ben was always a representation of her future. He was someone she could start new with – someone she could bury her memories and start fresh with. In the end, history triumphed, and we see this as Amanda and Jack finally lean in for an interrupted kiss.

As Amanda searches for Mason at a trailer park, a couple describes him leaving with a graceful woman. Just like that, Victoria rises from the dead. Unfortunately, Amanda is too late. The cops swarm in and handcuff the badass blonde. Just when we need him the most, Ben decides to follow procedure. With Amanda behind bars, there needs to be a plan B.

As Amanda tells Ben the plan Victoria had planned all this time, we find out that Margaux was an accessory to her escape. She was the hooded figure who “hurt” Victoria in order to later frame Amanda. Victoria took an unclaimed dead body, and placed her on the white chair. She added the ring which would be the only proof of her death. Fire was the only way to make sure that she could escape, because the DNA would vanish from the woman’s finger prints. This plan is probably the most well thought out one we have seen from the former Grayson. Spending too much time with her evil deceased husband has certainly had its upside for her.

In the meantime, Louise finds the black hoodie, hidden in Victoria’s clothes as she cleans out the closet. With the words of Nolan ringing in her ears, she begins to realize that her death was indeed a fake. Her devotion and love for Victoria is everything that Victoria needed in order to stage her plan. It’s never too late to make things right and Louise truly does try as she turns in the hoodie to Ben. Margaux, on the other hand, terrified that the plan is slowly unraveling, calls in for a favor. It seems as though Louise could be at risk for figuring things out. After all this, it is truly a tragedy to see Margaux turn so empty and dark inside. Daniel was a changed man when he died saving Amanda. He was finished with his mother and the evil that he acquired from following in her footsteps. He would certainly not be happy to see the love of his life following her the way he used to so long ago.

Ben does not seem to believe a single word that Amanda says in this wild story – that is, until we see him investigate further. It seems as though Ben trusts Amanda more than he leads on. His anger and sadness toward the demise of their relationship shook him up, but he seems to go with his gut at last. As he walks into the home of the deceased woman that Victoria used as her remains, he sees Victoria Grayson standing before him. The look in her eye showed fear and vulnerability which isn’t so normal for a woman who knows she won. Before Ben has a chance to do anything, he is stabbed in the head by an elderly blonde woman.

The only man who found the truth is dead. With one more episode left in the entire series of Revenge, we only hope that Amanda can finally put it all to rest. We hope to see Jack and Amanda watching television and eating popcorn –living normal lives at last. We hope to see David living out the rest of his days with his two daughters. We hope to see Nolan find love and surround himself with true friendships. Whatever does happen, we know that revenge always comes with a price.

– Marian S.





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