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Revenge 4×21 “Aftermath” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

In the path to revenge, very few friends are kept and many enemies are made.

Episode Summary: As cops try to figure out what exactly happened in the Grayson Mannor, we see Victoria’s most thought out plan come to life. It doesn’t take too long for the news of Victoria’s death to travel all the way to California. Relaxing with his mother and son, Jack has a moment of weakness as he calls Nolan for the scoop. The call itself, shows how much he cares for Emily, even as he is trying to escape his former life.

Review | Analysis: Mason is back and and demands his name to be cleared. With no choice, Amanda pulls through and gets the job done. As the idea that this incident was a homocide comes to the surface, both Amanda and her father are questioned. Who is Amanda’s only alibi? Mason. He however, disconnects his phone and disappears, telling us that that there is something clearly up.

As Amanda leaves the interrogation room, Jack walks in. Flying back after just a few days in California isn’t really the best way to move forward with your life. Amanda and Jack hold hands for a moment. He however, chooses his new life instead and makes it clear to her that he will be going back. That is.. until he finds out that Amanda chose him and went after him. His half smile tells us that California will wait longer than planned.

Margaux and Louise are completely set on the idea that Amanda killed Victoria. With blood stains and signs of a break in, they believe that Victoria was forced to kill herself. Their anger stirs whispers around the Hamptons and Amanda does not seem safe.

As Amanda tracks down Mason to use as his  alibi, he has a different plan for her. In Victoria’s last days, she contacts Mason with a deal. He would spread her hair and blood contents in Amanda’s car. She would then kill herself, making it look like Amanda was at fault. A previously recorded video is sent to her phone where Victoria speaks to her for the last time. As the video is deleted, the police take Amanda in for custody.

All these years, Victoria could not beat Amanda at her game. It seems as though she has finally shaken things up from 6 feet under the ground. We knew that Victoria would not kill herself for nothing. It seems that taking down Amanda was worth taking away her own life.

Will Amanda find a way out? It seems as though this time, she has no plan.

– Marian S.





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