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Revenge 4×20 “Burn” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Sometimes, a fresh start is the best way to continue living, and other times, it may seem that there is nothing left to live for.

Episode Summary: As Amanda hopes to finally start living a regular life, Jack decides to move away, David finds out that he has cancer and Victoria no longer wishes to stick around for more pain.

Review | Analysis: As Jack changes Emily’s tombstone, reality sets in. Amanda Clark is no longer Emily Thorne. She makes sure to tell Jack that it will be all over once the evidence that Victoria holds is gone for good. We can’t help but think that she has been opening up about the idea of living a simple life and possibly growing old with Jack. It seems that this time around, Jack does not believe her.

Victoria is attacked by a hooded figure while she waits for the valet to bring her car. Before the attacker runs off, we momentarily see a lock of gold hair. Victoria says that it was Amanda that pushed her but if last week’s guess is correct, then Lydia is back for her own revenge. Whoever it was, Margaux is angry and will stop at nothing to expose Amanda.

After Amanda and Nolan have their heart to heart, things are back on track between the two. The next mission is taking back the evidence before the feds take hold of it. This time however, Amanda takes Nolan out of the equation.. not out of anger, but out of love. Nolan has spent the last few years working and it’s time that he enjoys life and falls in love. And just as we suspected, Amanda takes the chip as easily as ever. It only took a false fire alarm and a fireman suit but she did it once again. All evidence against her is gone.

David has lymphoma. After all these years that Amanda has spent grieving the loss of her father, he came back to her.. alive and ready to start over. Now that things are nearly back to normal, we are hit with more sad news. Although he found the cancer, we only hope that he lives the rest of his life as normally as possible. David doesn’t have the heart to tell his daughter that he is sick. Instead, they spend the evening sitting side by side outside of their home, taking in the peace of the moment.

Jack bought a one way ticket to Los Angeles. After realizing Amanda would never end the life that she has created for the past few years, he decides to move and start fresh. He has confessed his feelings time and time again and Amanda has never been able to tell him hers. Although Nolan knows how she feels, Jack is not convinced. As he hugs Nolan for the last time, we see how broken hearted he is to leave the girl he has always loved.

As Amanda runs toward the moving plane, Mason drives in to make a grand speech. He knows her secret..  she can never live a life without revenge. She is so consumed by it, that she hasn’t been able to live. The ones that she loves around her have evolved, fallen in love, moved away.. but she is the same. She has not been able to get passed it, which is why Jack eventually moved away. After revenge, there is nothing for her. He happily shares his opinion with her and we know he says everything that she has been afraid to hear.

At the end of the episode, Victoria is more calm than we have seen her all episode. Turning on the gas, we see her dressed in red and waiting by her balcony. As we predict, she turns on a lighter, which causes her entire home to explode. After all this time.. all these years, she reached her breaking point.

Once the strong, powerful, upper class woman, she dies a scared and hated person of society. The loss of her empire, her family and her name, finally catch up to her. Looking back on her life, we know that it was not always easy for her. Being a daughter of a crazy mother, being raped by a man, and living in a loveless marriage, caused the worst to come out of her. Although she has done many bad things, there were always signs and moments where Victoria was a good person.. and maybe could have been, if she had done things differently.

All the Grayson characters are gone for good. The show began with a powerful family who were so desirable in the Hamptons. Slowly, they deteriorated and the lies and corruption caught up with all of them. Although many of them tried to escape their wrongs, their fate was set. Victoria’s character in particular was phenomenal and it’s very sad to see the ultimate villain leave the show.

– Marian S.





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