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Revenge 4×19 “Exposure” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

A stroll down memory lane may sometimes contain dark moments that are hard to look back on. Sometimes they are dug deep and never touched and other times, they must be felt in order to move forward.

Episode Summary: As Amanda Clark gives the live interview to the press, flashbacks of her journey come to the surface. Emily Thorne, Aidan, Daniel, and all the lives that have been lost, remind us how far she has come since then.

Review | Analysis: This episode of Revenge was one of many memories and flashbacks. After the reveal of her identity, we couldn’t wait to see what would be the fate of Emily.. or shall we say Amanda. As Jack, Nolan and Amanda wait for Victoria to strike, Ben furiously barges in to state how humiliated he has been in front of his friends and family. He walks away and we can’t help but assume that it is over between the two. The man Amanda ends up with should definitely understand all the complications that come with her life and remain supporting of all that she is. With that said, Jack seems to be the perfect candidate.

Louise turns to Victoria after finding out the identity of Amanda Clark. Although she is angry with the secrets Nolan kept from her, they weren’t his to say. Nolan has always been the reliable friend to protect and look after Amanda and secrets like that should never be spoken, no matter how close Louise thought they were. As she begins to figure out that Nolan may not be such a bad person, Victoria brainwashes the red head by discussing all that Amanda has done to them. This widow seems to forget that it was her that started this when she sent young Amanda away to be manipulated into hating her own father.

Just like that, Louise turns her back onto her once newlywed husband. All the information on Nolan’s desktop is in the hands of Victoria Grayson. Why didn’t he just erase all that evidence? That’s what Amanda Clark furiously asks when she figures that her life is now in big jeopardy. As she goes to undo the damage Nolan has done, he drinks his sorrows away.

Knowing the partnership between the two is done, he seems like the useless friend who was just used for the technical aspect of all their missions. As he drinks to his mistake, Jack reminds him of all that he and Amanda have accomplished. We see flashbacks of a young Nolan Ross gifting Amanda with the letters her father wrote her. We know that from all the trauma of her childhood, it was hard for her to trust anyone. Nolan was the symbol of all the good that was left in the world. It gave her hope and most importantly, allowed her to trust and fall in love with Aidan. We are so busy wondering which mission she will be on next, that it was always a breath of fresh air, to see her loving and smiling.

The bromance gets even better when Nolan tells Jack that he and Amanda belong together. He says that deep down inside, she knows it too. We then see flashbacks of the two when they were younger. Jack fell in love with Amanda when she was just Emily. He was drawn to her even when her identity wasn’t known. Their connection went passed their history together. It was much more than that. After the death of his brother and his wife, Jack never left. He may have been angry at times, but the love he has for this girl, makes him stay every single time. After hearing Nolan’s words, we wonder if Jack will try and try again or if he will let her go as she has told him to do so many times before.

In order to prevent Victoria from leaking all her dirty laundry, Emily goes on live news. She does an interview in which she reveals the murder of Aidan. She speaks about Emily and all the tragedies she has faced leading to this moment. She remembers being locked away as a child, forced to forget the happy memories of her father. Victoria had targeted her from the first moment she saw her and it was time to reveal to the world, all that she had done to an innocent little girl. Margaux, once being against taking down Emily, is on board once she sees this. I guess its tough watching your almost “mother in law” being buried alive by the media.

As the episode comes to an end, we see a woman sipping on a fruity drink in a tropical beach as she views the newspaper with Amanda on the front cover. If this is in fact Lydia, she might come back for her revenge. It seems as though everyone Amanda took down, has figured out exactly what she did. Will they seek revenge or will they stay away, knowing David will do anything for his daughter.

– Marian S.





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