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Revenge 4×18 “Clarity” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

When everything about revenge is all said and done, sometimes the only thing left is the truth.

Episode Summary: Emily focuses on clearing Daniel’s name for noble reasons as she tries to rally Jack to her side. Margaux becomes the kind woman we remember her to be.

Review | Analysis: After failing to create the Daniel Grayson fund at the hospital, Emily beings to take matters into her own hands. She knows that it is the time to clear his name. After all that has been said and done, she knows that Margaux was a good woman who just wanted revenge for the man she was in love with. Despite the threats from Victoria, Emily decides to change the story for her own reasoning. Knowing Daniel was a good man and that her love for him was not always a lie, she will stop at nothing to have him remembered that way.

Margaux, looking distressed and heartbroken, stands up to the hit man she hired. She no longer chooses to seek revenge on or hurt Emily. We cannot help but feel sympathy for her as she says that she has nothing left but her soul. It is truly a tragedy to think that one must lose everything to realize all that they were putting at risk. She does however not tell Victoria the truth about Emily pushing her in front of the car. This leaves Victoria, an angry woman with revenge in her eyes. We can’t help but wonder why she leaves that detail out when returning back to her “good” side. Perhaps, their anger towards Emily is the only thing keeping Victoria and Margaux together. Or, maybe she was far too ashamed to have lied to the only family she had left.

Nolan seems to be open to dating again. As he is invited to a fun night on the beach shore, he lies to Louise, explaining to her that he had to work late. This was definitely caused by the statement she had made earlier about wanting babies. The lines have clearly blurred between these two and their fake marriage. Still, Nolan feels bad about telling her that he wants a divorce because of the death of her brother.

Things don’t get any better when Victoria invites herself in to let Louise know that she is siding with the wrong people. Her comment instills doubt in Louise’s mind and she begins to doubt Nolan and their relationship. Overhearing the conversation between Jack and Nolan tops it all off and she walks away feeling betrayed and heartbroken. Although she is hurt that Nolan did not reveal the truth about Daniel to her, it was not his lie to reveal. We understand the predicament he is in when keeping secrets from her. This does not mean that he is a bad person, and we only hope that Louise remembers that as well.

Emily turns to Jack as she decides to clear Daniel’s name. He is not on board with this plan as it puts his life with his son at risk. His mother is surely not happy with this either as she calls Emily, Jack’s kryptonite. She wants the best for her son so we can not blame her for acting as a protective mother. She does have to remember though, that he is no longer the child she left behind. She takes it one step further when she throws out that anger to her father, David.

Later on, she apologizes to him and the prediction of a relationship blossoming continues. These two share something very special in common. They were not in their children’s lives as Jack and Emily grew up. They have both come back to repair the relationships but both know that those precious years will never be given back. That itself, shows how much they can turn to each other for the burdens they have. Although there are no hints, it seems as though the relationship will surely blossom.

Jack is not gone for long. He comes to Emily, letting her know that he will support her. They both hold hands, and walk into the biggest thing that will ever occur in their lives. As we see the two, arm in arm, we can’t help but smile for the childhood friends. There is so much history and love between them. Maybe Ben now knows, that the girl he is with, belongs to another man. The way Jack looks at Emily, is the way all women wish to be looked at.

Everyone from home watches the news as Emily speaks. We see the joy behind Margaux’s crying eyes as she clears Daniel’s name. This time however, she does not solve a lie with another lie. This time, Emily Thorne reveals herself as Amanda Clark.

What will become of Amanda Clark? Will the police reopen several of the cases that she was involved in? Is she in trouble? Or will she live the honest life we have all waited for?

– Marian S.





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