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Revenge 4×17 “Loss” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Can a truce mend all the brokenness that revenge has caused or is it far too late for this scenario?

Episode Summary: Jack fights to prove his innocence as Margaux begins to realize that she does not like the person she has become.

Review | Analysis: Things were left off shaky last week when Jack was taken away from his son. Fortunately, Emily calls on over Jack’s mother who stands by him as a lawyer and a mother. Although the support is there, Jack still faces up to 5 years in prison. To make matters worse, the blood sample mysteriously disappears … proving that he was in fact, drugged and not drinking.

Emily returns the blood sample to the lab with the help of Ben. That is, right after she corners Margaux’s man with a gun. Knowing he spiked the orange juice Jack was drinking, Emily seems to have no sympathy for this mysterious man.

Although the blood sample is found, it seems that Judge Knowles, will not test the blood. Knowing all too well how the justice system works, Stevie tells her son that she is being payed off. Running for re-election is tough and it seems as though Margaux has made her feel very inclined to side against Jack. Being portrayed well on all the magazines that Margaux owns, was enough for Judge Knowles to be dishonest in her job.

To top things off, Stevie’s anger toward the Judge causes her to be kicked out of court and locked up. David is there to save the day when he releases her bail. After all, she was the only one who believed him back when he was locked away for a crime he did not commit. It is vey subtle, but it seems as though a romance could bloom between the two. And why not? It seems like it is rather difficult to find someone decent and honest in this town. Sticking together seems like the best thing to do.. even though it could complicate things for Jack and Emily.

David confides in Stevie and tells her that she is concerned Emily no longer needs her dad. They reunited when she was an adult and it is too late to go back and be the father that he had to be. Stevie reassures him that Emily will always need her father and the time will come.. which it does.

Angry at Judge Knowles for hurting an innocent man over her own glory, Emily returns the favor and spikes her drink. Upon being stopped by Ben to test if she is drinking while driving, Emily calls her to let her know that what she has done will be exposed all over the media. This alone, causes her to test the blood for alcohol and set Jack free. He returns to his son, a free man. Emily has done it again but she knows all too well that the war is not over.

This is when Emily finally needs her dad. He urges her to call a truce with Margaux because the cycle of revenge will never stop. It will continue, hurting people that they both love until there is nothing left. Emily knows that as hard as it is to let what Margaux did go, she must do what is best for Jack and the rest of her loved ones.

Emily bumps into Margaux in the street corner, as she is trying to find a taxi. She calls a truce and offers Margaux the very thing that she has always wanted, her birth certificate. This is proof that she is sticking to her word and will help clear Daniel’s name. It seems as though Margaux is finished with the revenge portion of this ordeal. Emily herself knows that she is a good person who did what she did out of pain and anger. Just when it seems that things might actually go well, Margaux is hit by a taxi driver.

Just like that, the only thing we had left of Daniel is gone. The baby, who’s heartbeat we heard at the beginning of the episode, is no longer alive. It’s terrible to see how much revenge has taken away from everyone involved in this matter. It is heartbreaking to watch the only thing left of Daniel taken away from his mother and girlfriend. As terrible as they have been, nobody deserves that type of loss.

Revenge is no where near ended. We know this as Margaux utters that Emily pushed her in front of the moving car. Victoria is no longer the peaceful woman we have seen all season. It seems as though a fire has started in her and this very incident has caused the old Victoria to yet again, step forward.

– Marian S.





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