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Revenge 4×16 “Retaliation” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Some seek revenge and others seek reconciliation in order to move forward with their lives

Episode Summary: Margaux hurts everyone in her path in order to turn in Emily. Emily and Ben, are the new duo that stop the terrible plans she wants to unfold.

Review | Analysis: After winning the court battle against Victoria, Natalie throws the fourth of July bash. We’ve seen these parties before.. champagne, fancy catering, and a lot of drama. This is exactly what is bound to happen when Natalie invites David as her date. To top things off, she invites Victoria herself, the former host of these extravagant parties.

Margaux will stop at nothing to take revenge on Emily. We see this as she invites Ben to her office. He shows up with Amanda Clark’s certificate of birth. It seems as though there are many people double crossing one another in this town. Ben however, is not one of them.

Still, we can’t help but appreciate the levels Margaux is going to, to clear Daniel’s name. The irony here is that she fought so long and hard to turn Daniel good again. After all the revenge of his own, he had turned into an empty and unhappy man. Now, she travels down the path that he traveled down, instead of giving their baby the normal life that Danny would have wanted.

Louise gets an unexpected visitor at Nolan’s home. Her brother comes in with a very insensitive apology. Fortunately for him and his terrible acting skills, she believes him. It seems that rather than truly believing he changed, she hoped that he would. Being alone without family can be tough and we see why se was so open for him to stay with them.

When Margaux finds out that the birth certificate is a fake, she takes matters into her own hands. Ben had an ex wife in the witness protection program. She was clearly hiding from a dangerous man.. Knowing the identity of this man, she contacts him to go after her. Unfortunately, she has yet to realize that Emily is always two steps ahead. They save the girl and put the man behind bars.. but not before Ben and Emily open up about each other’s love lives. It seems to bring the two closer together.

As the fourth of july party goes on, we find out that Natalie is trying to frame David. We figure this out as she rips her own dress and begins to scream as though she is being hurt by him. If David had listened to Victoria’s warning, this love fest would not have occurred. Fortunately for him, Victoria saved the day. The recording of Natalie, was enough to give Victoria back her fortune and place herself back as the big B in town.

Louise does not get such a victorious ending. After figuring out her brother was working for Margaux, she have an argument. She desperately tries to retrieve the information he stole, when he slips and falls to his death. We see a horrified Louise standing by the fire pit. She does not tell Nolan of her doing, and continues to weep on her own. Did she hide the body or does she plan on turning herself in?

As for the romantic drive between Emily and Ben.. it comes to a stop when Jack is being taken into custody. Apperantly, he was drunk driving. We however, know it was a plan of Margaux’s which is completely terrible and low. Knowing that Jack is a single father, trying to get by with his kid, she should know better then to tear them apart. It seems as though the once loving and good Margaux we met, is now gone.

Will Emily fix this mess with Jack or is this one too much for her to handle? We know that the two shared an awkward conversation after Emily turned down Jack.. but we also know that the love she has for him, is truly what keeps her good.

– Marian S.





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