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Revenge 4×15 “Bait” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Friendships are tested as the path of revenge takes way once more.

Episode Summary: As Margaux plans to turn in a tape revealing crucial evidence, Jack and Emily must team together to clear their name and secure their future.

Review | Analysis: Despite her friendship with Jack, Margaux decides to move forward with her plan in exposing Emily, and thereby exposing Jack as well. From her facial expressions, we do see how difficult it is for her to come to this decision. Unfortunately, just like Emily, she chooses the path of revenge.

Jack Is furious when he hears the news that his future is at risk and goes to put matters in his own hands when Emily tries to explain her plan. Meeting with Margaux seems to turn out well … until we see that she is not backing away from her planned revenge.  This is heartbreaking because once being so close to Jack, Margaux grew to love the son he raised on his own. Turning him in, would be the end of that. Being a pregnant woman, she should have more sympathy toward separating the father and son. Luckily, we figure out later on, that Jack is in on Emily’s plan.

Margaux waits with policemen in the computer room, protecting the tape of Jack confessing he killed an FBI agent. To her surprise, Louise walks in.. mistaking the office, for the gym. Emily later speaks to Margaux, telling her that she must so much better in order to ever catch Emily. It is revealed that the bracelet Jack’s son gifted to her, had a chip inside that caused the computer with its very important files, to crash. Way to go Emily. Louise and Jack’s baby were the perfect assets to this successful plan.

Nolan expresses to Louise that he was once a man that was lost in his world. Emily showing up and including him in her plot for revenge gave him meaning. It made him feel like he was a part of something. He finally felt like he belonged. He apologizes to Louise for making her feel what he felt for so long. The trust they build, will be of use in the future.

During this episode, it seems as though Jack stops running away from the feelings he has had for 20 years. While digging for sea glass in the sand, David Clark stops by, reminding him of the inseparable kids. Although the video tape gets in the way of him exposing his feelings, the episode finally ends with the two.

The moment comes, all too beautifully. Jack tells Emily that he loves her and that she has always been the one. He says that he can no longer stand Emily being with another man and that he is ready to be true to his feelings. Unfortunately, it is never that easy and Emily declines the feelings he expresses. The reasoning behind her answer is murky and we hope to find out why she chooses to let him go.

– Marian S.





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