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International Women’s Day | ’15

Inspiring Female Activist:
SophiaBush | Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Sophia Bush has graced our screens in countless films / tv series playing incredibly memorable characters, but it’s the work she does away from the camera that leaves us inspired most. During her days on One Tree Hill Bush was part of a fantastic campaign known as “Zero Is Not A Size” – promoting the necessary message that women should aspire to be healthy. She continues to be an advocate for Pencils for Promise – a non profit organization entirely focused on education. And she’s now an avid supporter of “I Am That Girl” – an organization focused heavily on transforming self-doubt into a self-love. As an active feminist, Bush does a superlative job of praising women – showcasing to the world how important it is to uplift each other instead of bringing one another done. Bush isn’t just a spectacular live tweeter when her hit series Chicago P.D.’s debuting a new episode, but she uses hashtags wisely. Starting#MondayMantra to promote positivity throughout the week, actively speaking up about the importance of equality using #LoveIsLove, and constantly reminding her readers of the vitality in education with #SmartIsSexy. However, it doesn’t stop there, she’s also a believer in animal rights and what shows more kindness than treating those inferior to us with love? Point being, Sophia Bush is a badass – it’s beautiful to know that we finally live in a world where we’re reminded that kindness and love are the coolest. As a remarkable actress and an even more marvelous activist, Bush is an icon in the industry. We are all incredibly flawed and we all have room to grow, and Sophia Bush reminds fans of this quite often on twitter. Her choices to use social media as a positive outlet to inspire exhibits immeasurable strength. By being brave enough to speak up about what she believes in, she’s a role model for all generations. And her Chicago P.D. character Erin Lindsay is just as badass. All we can do now is wait and hope for the day Bush decides to write a novel because it’s guaranteed to be a work of art.

Honorable Mention: Emma Watson #HeForShe

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