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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

February 8-14
“A Sin to Err” | Agent Carter
Hayley Atwell 

I’m fairly certain that until the first season of Agent Carter ends, Hayley Atwell will be my choice for actress of the week. Atwell is a complete marvel to watch. Each and every scene is delivered with a full range of emotions that allows viewers to understand Peggy Carter in ways they would’ve otherwise not been able to.

Whether Peggy’s physically or verbally fighting to defend herself, Atwell’s mannerisms are incomparable. After each episode of Agent Carter, I’m legitimately left wondering which scene I loved most and while it was impossible to choose, nothing was as powerful as the moment she said “Steve’s blood.” The agonizing amount of fear and susceptibility conveyed in this single scene were heart shattering. So much was said with her expressiveness and tormented tone of voice that allowed to audience to see nothing else would’ve been worth going back to the Griffith for. And the two runner-ups amongst were her sincerely apologetic confrontation with Daniel, followed by the genuine gratitude she showed Angie.

Again, Atwell can do no wrong, and I’m certain that the amount of work we’ll see from her next week is something that’ll leave us even more impressed than we are now.

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