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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

February 8-14
“Fork in the Road” | Suits
Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, and Gabriel Macht

Because the men of Suits put on such astounding performances during Wednesday’s episode, we’re bending the rules a little bit to commend all three this week.

It’s been a long and draining road with these lawyers, at times, it’s gotten so tiring I’ve wanted to give up on this show completely. (I’d never do that though because I love it for too much). Ever since the new season began and Mike’s secret was out, I couldn’t stand the sight of Louis. What “Fork in the Road” did excellently however is reminded us that each of these characters continuously carry their own burdens – they’re always fighting to get somewhere while making both good and bad decisions.

Adams, Hoffman, and Macht were as amazing as ever in flashbacks, but it’s their scenes in present day that left me floored. If there’s one thing that’s always great to watch, it’s an epic confrontation that results in compassion and forgiveness. From the bickering and belittling in the car to the physical fight outside of the gas station, Hoffman and Adams were on top of their games.

Hoffman’s performances gave such depth the Louis we’ve known for years – even as he was fighting with Mike, you could pinpoint the pain, self loathing, and regrets that constantly haunt him. And what Adams did most exceptionally is allowed viewers to understand just how emphatic Mike really is – no matter how many times people screw him over, he won’t let himself hate them. He sees the bigger picture, the hearts within a person. Lastly, Macht did a great job of manifesting sincerity in the midst of his authoritative position – no matter what’s happened between these men, Harvey cares for each of them deeply.

From the ground breaking vulnerability each of them showcased to the profound sincerity, Hoffman’s, Adams’, and Macht’s performances will be commended for a very long time.

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