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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

February 8-14
Pie-Mary” | Parks and Recreation 

As stated in our full episode review: Speeches like Leslie and Ben’s aren’t something we often see on television — partnering in that way did a magnificent job of making certain their message was heard loud and clear. They’re both activists for human rights, they’re both feminists, and they both believe in good ethics. It’s definitely not a surprise that such debates can arise out of choices like the ones Leslie made, but the episode did a remarkable job of validating the key aspects people need to remember about the world – noble choices are what matter most. The greatest thing about feminism is that it promotes choices. Do you want to stay at home and cook while taking care of kids? Perfect. Do you want to work all day, take care of children, and stay at home whenever you feel like it? Perfect. Do you want to travel the world on your own and learn about different cultures? Perfect. There’s nothing more powerful than people choosing the path that makes them happiest. That’s exactly what this episode was about, and this is one I feel people will be watching for years to come. Leslie’s happy to support her husband and Ben’s happy to support his wife. What could be more beautiful than two people who genuinely love and care for one another in ways that are always beneficiary to their partner?

Electrically and fiercely compelling performances by both Amy Poehler and Adam Scott undoubtedly played a massive role in making this scene this week’s greatest.

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