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Scandal 4×13 “No More Blood” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

A fan favorite saves Olivia! 

Episode Summary: Last week’s episode ended with the billion dollar bidding war where Olivia was sold to Iran. We didn’t see who the person was, but in tonight’s episode we learn that the good guys have another shot at saving her!

Review | Analysis: At the White House, the mood lightened a little when everyone heard that the deal had fallen through. Fitz clearly did not care about anything or anyone for that matter, except getting Olivia back home. Cyrus had this pretty epic daydream about calling Fitz a moron and resigning. But in reality, Cy went behind the president’s back and told the CIA director that he agreed that the only option was to “neutralize the asset.”

Olivia’s mother was outbid in the second auction. They had bid $2 billion to found out that they had only been matched with a group in St. Petersburg. Gus named Russia the winner after he realized how keen Liv was to be sold to Marie Wallace, aka Maya, aka Mama Pope.

We finally got to see where Papa Pope was hiding all this time! Somewhere in Canada and fishing! He apparently really likes to fish.

Turns out Abby was the real hero to Olivia’s rescue. Everyone was watching the handover and Cy soon realized that the Russian man looked very familiar. It was Stephen Finch! A gladiator who left us back in season 1. Abby was the one who found out that he was working in St. Petersburg. Once Liv was handed over, she shot Gus.

Back home, Olivia asked everyone to leave her alone. I mean the girl had just been locked up in some on-set location, so it is obvious that she would want to have some R&R. As she was locking her door, Fitz came. They talked, well rather argued, and she ended up throwing her ring at him. Her parting words “You didn’t save me! I’m on my own!” Better luck next time Fitz!

Before we sign off, do you think Liv will go straight back to work? How long before her and Fitz rekindle their relationship? What about that ring?! Until next week Gladiators…let us know what you think.

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