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Scandal 4×12 “Gladiators Don’t Run” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Dark places, auctions oh my!

Episode Summary: Olivia tells Ian how she won’t be auctioned for less than $1 billion dollars. While the negotiating goes down, the gladiators are doing everything in their power to find out as much information as they can as to the whereabouts of where Liv can possibly be.

Review | Analysis: The whole aspect of this bidding war is just out of this world! The password changes every 8 seconds that even Huck can’t get in. He has $2 billion saved up from the shutting down of B613 and he wants in. Olivia tells Ian that she won’t go for less than a billion dollars, which somehow his henchman ends up killing him. What? Huck’s mission is to kill the enemies of a man named Gustavo, who becomes the man into doing the favor of leading them to the auction. Huck being Huck, kills these guys in a very gruesome way that we were cringing at just the sight.

Fast forward to the man in charge, VP Andrew, who has now lost complete control of all situations but Cyrus fails at getting him to resign because of the whole West Angola war actually being about Olivia.

Abby is the only person who doesn’t know Liv has been kidnapped, so when she finds out, we see her extremely hurt. Why? Because according to Quinn and Huck she’s not a Gladiator anymore.

Queue in Mellie and her conversation with Fitz regarding her wanting to be president of the United States! Um, what??? She says in order for that to happen, they have to let Andrew walk or else he’ll squeal.

Finally the moment arrives when they get access to the auction but the bidding is suspended. Talk about bad timing! It seems like Olivia has been sold to Iran.

Back at the Oval Office, Fitz tells Cy that they must get Liv back because he started this war for her and a lot of people died who probably shouldn’t have.

Liv is brought out of the car with a bag over her head. She’s somewhere in the desert. Gus removes the bag and they’re standing in front of whoever bought her. But who could it be? Leave us a comment below to let us know who you think it is and what you thought about the episode!

Until next week Gladiators…

Tanya Nazarian 





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