Parks and Recreation 7×11 “Two Funerals” Recap

Episode still from Parks and Recreation "Two Funerals".
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Parks and Recreation “Two Funerals” Spoilers Ahead

“Two Funerals” was the kind of Parks and Recreation episode that does a fantastic job of reminding its viewers that if you have good friends, you have everything.

Episode Summary: When Pawnee’s Mayor, Walter Gunderson (Bill Murray) dies, it’s up to Ben to find his replacement. Leslie helps Tom come up with a beautiful way to propose to Lucy. Ron’s barber Salvatore passes as well and Donne tries to help him find a new one.

Review: While moments within the episode were as glorious as anything done on Parks and Recreation, the episode, unfortunately, fell a bit flat after the greatness we watched in “Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show.” At the end of the day, however, I’m so incredibly happy for Tom and I’m glad Aziz Ansari got an episode to shine again. Love is everything, and on a show like Parks and Recreation, we’re constantly reminded that it’s something everyone deserves to have and should seize the opportunity to get it whenever they can.

Ben and April are a great team together. They are so different that when they’re paired together to do something, it’s an absolute gem to watch. Trying to find a temporary replacement for Mayor Gunderson was their task and it was great to watch Paul Rudd reprise his role as Bobby Newport. It was also great to see how much April believes in Ben despite how uncool she may believe he is.

After failing to find a replacement Mayor, April suggests that Ben be the one to take the job but he doesn’t want to do it again, and he feels that there’s someone more fitted. The job is then given to Garry and even though he wanted to retire, he takes it without hesitation. It’s so nice that they’re giving Garry the opportunity to really do something big. And his shining moment came during his inauguration. It involved a thrown, flying, and the classic hit “All My Life.”

After realizing that death comes too quickly and he may miss his chance, Leslie helps Tom find ways to propose to Lucy. But with all their elaborate options, Tom plans to recreate their first date and changing it up a little bit. On their first date, Tom had a card trick planned that failed, but this trick ends up succeeding because on one of the cards, he writes “will you marry me”. Lucy says yes, Tom says yay, and Leslie cries. Is there anything more beautiful in the world than a gorgeous thoughtful proposal?! Nope, I don’t think so. Aziz Ansari brings so much warmth and sweetness to Tom’s fabulous character and it’s during scenes like this that the actor’s gifts are showcased most wonderfully. I loved how genuinely sincere the moment was and how it truly felt authentic for the character.

Donna finds Ron a new barber and the two of them manage to have an engaging conversation with one another indicating that a) Donna can do no wrong and b) Ron’s found a new barber.

This last episode subtly showed its viewers that the show was wrapping up already. Everyone’s moving away and changes are right around the corner. I cannot wait to see how the show’s going to end but at the same time, I’m nowhere near prepared for the waterworks.

Top Three Favorite Quotes: 

1) I’m cool? I’m cool! I’m a cool dudette. Hey, it’s pizza time!“ Leslie to Tom

2) April’s scream when Garry was chosen as mayor. (although not really a quote, we’re going to count it as one)

3) ”I’m flying!“ Garry

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