Parks and Recreation 7×09 “Pie Mary” Recap

Parks and Recreation “Pie Mary” Spoilers Ahead

Production still from Parks and Recreation "Pie Mary"
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“Pie Mary” is an episode that could only be described as utterly brilliant.

Episode Summary: Controversies arise when Leslie Knope decides to skip out on a pie-making contest because she doesn’t like what it stands for. Garry loses his wedding ring plus a bunch of other things, and Donna thinks it’s the most entertaining thing to have happened. After April tells Ron that she and Andy must move to Washington for her job in a few months, he asks for the spare key to his house back; however, because she hid it a long time ago, they all need to put their heads together to figure out where.

Review: One of my all-time favorite things about Parks and Recreation is that it never lets us forget how proud showrunners and actors are to delve into feminism. They’ve always done a superlative job of validating the importance of equal rights and debunking the conception that Feminism = girls rule, boys drool. There are countless things I loved about this episode but the main entity is that it reminded its viewers of what a sublime pair Ben and Leslie are. She supports him and he supports her – no matter who’s doing what, they’ll defend their person to the end of time all while standing their ground and letting the world know that love helps them grow as a person. Also, Ron Swanson is a complete softie and Nick Offerman is a genius.

Speeches like Leslie and Ben’s aren’t something we often see on television – partnering in that way did a magnificent job of making certain their message was heard loud and clear. They’re both activists for human rights, they’re both feminists, and they both believe in good ethics. It’s definitely not a surprise that such debates can arise out of choices like the ones Leslie made, but the show did a remarkable job of validating the key aspects people need to remember about the world. The greatest thing about feminism is that it promotes choices. Do you want to stay at home and cook while taking care of the kids? Perfect. Do you want to work all day, take care of children, and stay at home whenever you feel like it? Perfect. Do you want to travel the world on your own and learn about different cultures? Perfect.

There’s nothing more powerful than people choosing the path that makes them happiest. That’s exactly what this episode was about, and this is one I feel people will be watching for years to come. Leslie’s happy to support her husband and Ben’s happy to support his wife. What could be more beautiful than two people who genuinely love and care for one another in ways that are always beneficial to their partner?

Additionally, Parks and Recreation’s “Pie Mary” did a great job of showing viewers that Leslie and Ben’s lives are anything but easy. It’s not easy to have three children, but they make it work anyway. It’s not easy to deal with controversial issues, but together they’ll always figure out how.

In an episode that dealt with a lot of politics, it was great to have April, Ron, and Andy run around like children trying to solve the scavenger hunt. It’s incredible that although Ron changes the lock to his house every six months, he still went on this “journey” with April and Andy in order to spend time with them. It worked out beautifully in the end because as it turns the key was located under a tree that reminded April of Ron. Their kinship has always been one of the most entertaining ones on the show not only because of how alike they both are but because without even realizing it, they’ve each played a prodigious role in the other’s life. At the end of the day, this was meant to once again remind us that the relationships on this show are sacred, and these people would go above and beyond for one another. If that final scene between them by the tree didn’t have you tearing up, congratulations, you’re much stronger than I am. Offerman and Plaza work so well together with their tough exteriors as scene partners always manages to make their scenes together marvelous.

Top Three Favorite Quotes: 

1) Ben: This whole thing makes me queasy. I love how independent my wife is, and for that, I will not let her speak…that came out wrong. The point is, Leslie is a great mother, public servant, all around person, and I’m tired of everyone constantly telling her that she’s making the wrong choice. (to Leslie) so you could say whatever you want, I could care less about the political consequences. 

Leslie: Thank you, Ben. Well, the first thing I’m going to do is say ‘sorry’. I’m sorry that the spotlight is on me and not on Ben because he’s going to make a great congressman. Second, the male’s men, where are you, ah, you’re ridiculous and men’s rights is nothing. Third, I’m now going to give you permanent answers to the silly questions you are going to end up asking me and every other woman in this election over the next few months. Why did I change my hairstyle? Oh, I don’t know I just thought it would look better, or my kids got gum in it. Are you trying to have it all? That question makes no sense, it’s a stupid question, stop asking it. Don’t ask it. Do you miss your kids while you’re at work? Yes, of course, I do! Everybody does. And then you know, sometimes I don’t.

Ben: Yeah and by the way, no one’s ever asked me that question. No one ever asks me ‘where are your kids or who’s taking care of them?’ (to Leslie) by the way, who is taking care of them? 

Leslie: My mom, babe – everything’s fine. 

Ben: Right, so maybe Leslie doesn’t fit your personal idea of what a candidate’s wife should be. So what! That’s good because there shouldn’t be just one idea anyway.

Leslie: That’s right! If you want to bake a pie, that’s great. If you want to have a career, that’s great too. Do both or neither, it doesn’t matter. Don’t judge what someone else has decided to do. We’re all just trying to find the right path for us … as individuals … on this earth.

2)This tree reminds me of you. It’s strong and quiet and always here when you need it.” April to Ron

3) “Pies are just sweet calzones!” Ben to Leslie

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