Music Monday

February 16, 2015

“O” – Coldplay

There may very well be a global consensus on the supreme level of sincerity that reverberates throughout Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” album. Within the album, “O”  easily takes the cake on conveying a truly heartfelt, honest, and humble take on what is perhaps considered the most sought after feeling , across the globe, across centuries, across time – love.

With a somewhat melancholic melody in the background, Chris Martin, in utmost sincerity, seeps into the depths of our souls. How pure it is to compare love to a flock of birds, an untainted, natural phenomenon. But like lovers, a flock of birds may disseminate and go their separate ways for a number of reasons.

From his standpoint, he is looking above, and while it’s blatantly obvious that birds fly above and not in close proximity with the ground, staring into the sky is representative of seeing beyond the natural, something that is beyond logic, and beyond reason. We look above for a number of reasons -to admire the vastness of the galaxy, for cathartic release, to pray to a divine being in hopes of having their prayers answered, etc. In “O” “he looks up to the sky” and “prays before the dawn,” in hopes of being reunited with his one true love. And possibly his prayers are answered as he is turned into smoke and risen above to join the other birds…in hopes of flying next to, or even better with his this soul mate as many like to call their immortal beloved. In the meantime, with exuberating peace, as sensed with his tone and piano melody playing in the background, he’s letting his soul mate go, letting them fly, letting nature take its proper course.

While at first glance, the song may portray the fleeting nature of love, perhaps it gives listeners sheer hope that what essentially flew away can come back. Surely it is possible for the same two birds who once separated to reunite once more and fly in sync.

– M. L. Sarkisian

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