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Chicago P.D. 2×16 “What Puts You on That Ledge” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Voight knows.

Episode Summary: When a Chicago PD officer outside of the Intelligence unit goes missing during an undercover case with a drug cartel, the team sends Antonio in to get to the bottom of everything. Roman and Burgess deal with what seems to be an ordinary case on disagreements, but it’s really a wannabe episode of The Following aka someone’s been reading Poe. And after months, the team finally hires a new IT guy who just happens to be Jay’s C.I. buddy Mouse.

Review | Analysis: If I’m being honest, I don’t know how I actually feel with this episode. It’s been one heck of a week on television and Chicago P.D.’s had a solid season so far, but this episode just didn’t move me as much as every other show did. That’s not to say that it wasn’t entertaining because every episode of this show’s a great one, but it simply lacked a lot of the heart it’s often filled with. And I only say this because it was a little too case heavy – other than that we got some incredible moments with the main cast and by now it’s no surprise that those are my favorite parts.

What threw me off about this case is that there really wasn’t a huge opportunity for Antonio to shine. Jon Seda is so good at portraying a variety of emotions but in “What Puts You on That Ledge” there just wasn’t enough for the character to do. It was obvious that he’d never give into the group and allow it to corrupt him as Voight feared because he truly has come incredibly far. Antonio’s heart’s been bared countless times since the series has aired and all we’ve seen him from is a genuine desire to do good.

The best part of this entire episode was without a doubt the very end with Antonio and his kids. It’s great that we finally have the opportunity to see him with them but it’s even greater that he can actually spend time with them. I was beginning to worry that they’d eventually grow up without seeing their father again so I’m thrilled that’s not the case. It made for a heartfelt endearing scene as he watched them ice skate with the knowledge that whatever he does in life, he needs to make sure it’s something that’ll keep the kids inspired. That’s how you know Antonio’s heart could never go dark. That’s how you know he’s bound to make good decisions – his choices are never for himself, but for his kids.

First things first, how on earth does Voight know? It’s not like Halstead and Lindsay are dumb enough to start making out during their coffee breaks. And it’s not like the two of them haven’t lingered there before while having random discussions about who’s available and what not. Anyway, all that aside, I understand why the two of them had to go their separate ways and I fully support it. They’re without a doubt the most beautiful couple on the show and they’ll find their way back to one another, but on so many levels this break is a good thing. Now that they know what it’s like to be together, it’s going to be more difficult to stay away. At the end of the day however, it makes complete sense that Lindsay would be hesitant to continue. Voight’s a father to her, he raised her and gave her the opportunities she would’ve otherwise never had and because of that, his opinion is something she wholeheartedly values. There will come a time where it’ll be easier to break it to Voight but not this way – coming to him and saying ‘oh it’s been a mouth that we’ve been dating’ isn’t something that’ll have him giddy to give his blessing. Voight needs to see and understand that the two of them belong together.

The most gorgeous part of their (temporary) final moments together was the impressive performances by Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer. Bush and Soffer are excellent scene partners, but in this very scene, audiences could undeniably see the unwavering adoration between Lindsay and Halstead. Both actors are naturals at manifesting sincerity and susceptibility thus making this scene a potent moment for the duo. They both wore earnest sorrow wonderfully in the expressiveness they conveyed allowing viewers to understand that there’s nothing more difficult than parting ways. They appreciate each other’s company in ways no one else could understand, and when Jay held her face, Erin’s ephemeral serenity broke me. When they were together, no matter how long it was for and whatever they were doing, it was always evident that they cherished everything: the laughs, the conversations, the kisses, each other’s touch, and the quiet moments. They’re home to each other – a place full of absolute contentment, reverence, and bliss. It was easy to be together because it’s easy to protect one another, to love, fight, and defend one another. And the level of intimacy they’d reached was gracefully stemmed from the impeccable friendship they’d fortified since day one. Halstead and Lindsay will find their way into each other’s arms again because deep within, what they have goes beyond partners who’ll always have each other’s backs.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Chicago P.D. will resume March 25th and until then, if there’s anything you’d like us to discuss, let us know and we’ll gladly do so.





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