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Chicago P.D. 2×15 “What Do You Do” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

“What Do You Do” was yet another solid episode of Chicago PD giving one of its main characters an opportunity to shine impeccably.

Episode Summary: While at breakfast, a man makes a comment about how Burgess has had a routine at the restaurant since he’s seen her, and it puts her in a strange funk where she begins to believe she isn’t aspiring for higher. When she and Roman are on a patrol, Burgess spots a gunmen going into what looks like an abandoned warehouse and they proceed to follow without calling for back up. Back at Intelligence the group’s getting Taser certifications but when Burgess doesn’t answer after the third phone call, Ruzek is forced to let the team in on his concerns. Burgess successfully manages to save herself and Roman, and the episode concludes with her changing up her routines.

Review | Analysis: We’ve seen a lot from Burgess this season, but we’ve yet to see this much character from her and I’m really thrilled with the fact that the series gave her such an episode. Additionally, it’s great that the episode continued to show how much Roman and Burgess’ partnership has evolved – they’re now wonderfully in sync as partners and their scenes are certainly more enjoyable to watch. Chicago PD does a great job with subtly, everything we see on the show is done in a graceful manner and that’s especially evident for the relationships. As always, there’s a great balance between heavy action, emotions, and humor.

Kim Burgess and Marina Squerciati were clearly the stars of this week’s episode. And if there’s one thing I’ve taken from Burgess’ character it’s that she wholeheartedly cares for the justice cops should bring into the world. It’s so beautiful that the story she chooses to tell as an officer is the one where a simple arrest on hoarding, turned into saving the life of a little boy. That kind of justice is all that matters. And Burgess’ humanity spoke wonderfully this week as she patiently attempted to reason with Aubrey until he trusted her enough to reveal his real life. It validated how she perceives everyone in the world as good despite the fact that they may be troubled, confused, or even desperately angry to a point of committing a terrible crime. Burgess’ heart is what got her and Roman to safety. She kept them alive long enough to authenticate how enormous her heart is and how often a person’s words can change lives. Whether or not this is how it works in the real world, I would like to believe that if a cop were as honest and as warm as Burgess, lives could truly be changed. It’s an absolute shame that Aubrey and his cousin had to lose their lives because their names were revealed. An absolute, horrifying shame, but I suppose that’s what makes this show so realistic. Some people may listen and open their hearts to goodness, and others may allow fear to darken them beyond repair.

I’m also incredibly happy with the fact that even though Roman was badly injured, he still fought through all of the pain he was in to save Burgess in the end. And that is what you call partnership. Even when you’re down, you don’t stop fighting for your partner. You don’t leave them to fend for themselves even though they can. You fight and you pursue and you defend until your last breath. Their partnership is solid, a real crime fighting pair that are most certainly fit to work with one another. And even though they had agreed to put the past behind them, it was clear that there’d always be a part of Roman who’d feel guilty over Burgess getting shot the first time. Now, they’ve been both in critical danger. They’ve both been shot and recovered. This will bind them in more ways than before, and it’s going to be a delight to watch their interactions following this episode. It’s necessary to commend Brian Geraghty on the impeccable vulnerability and sincerity he brought to the table in every scene. Both Geraghty and Squerciati did a magnificent job of manifesting an incredible amount of gratitude and fear in the very moment they thought they were finally safe from all that’d occurred.

In the midst of the terrifying events Burgess and Roman were living through, it was great to have light-hearted scenes involving the other cast members. What’s greater than Olinsky and Voight eating burgers while having a casual conversation? I’m so thankful that scene wasn’t cut from the episode because it did a great job of grounding these characters who are almost always dealing with something extremely chaotic. And of course the scene where they were getting their certification was awesomely hilarious.

As far as light-hearted scenes go, nothing can top Jay and Erin’s retirement discussion. As far as relationship developments go, reaching the stage of casual intimacy is one of the most gorgeous times for a couple. There’s a lot of reassurance in holding hands and their scene in the break room did a gorgeous job of illuminating the feelings within them. Much like their scene in“Conventions”, Jay’s choice to hold Erin’s hand was a moment of reassurance. Exhibiting the magnetic connection between them and validating the fact that he treasures all of her. And in this scene, it was meant to crystalize the idea that whatever their future holds, she’d be cherished. Whether it’d be in Wisconsin or the North Pole, the two of the them together is all that matters. However, there’s a long way to go before the two of them retire, but the conversation alone, the promise of ‘you and me’ wonderfully elucidates the adoration they have for one another. Jay’s thoughts of the future and Erin’s openness to it showcase that even though the three little words haven’t been exchanged, the feeling’s are there  – they don’t want to be without each other.

Kuddos to Adam Ruzek for the tremendous character growth. Your girl’s not picking up? Call again and apologize for anything you might’ve done wrong. Your girl’s sobbing in your arms? Hold her and reassure her that she’s incredible. A+. Ruzek’s growth is honestly impressive, their scene in the locker room was filled with so much warmth and it broke my heart to see Burgess so shattered. And yet it was beautiful of him to be there to provide physical, mental, and emotional support. Reminding her that she’s safe with him and that she’s a hero. FollowingPlatt and the other officers commending her, it was a raw moment of vulnerability for Burgess, and it’s amazing that she had someone to comfort her as she broke down from it all. Through Flueger’s use of body language the audience could really see that while Ruzek’s appreciating the fact that Burgess is safe in his arms, there’s also a sense of fear in him because he almost lost her again.

What are your thoughts on this episode?

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