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Chicago P.D. 2×14 “Erin’s Mom” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Chicago P.D. isn’talways the easiest show to watch, but it is one of the best things on television right now and episodes like “Erin’s Mom” showcase why.

Episode Summary: As it turns out Bunny was right about her suspensions except she waited too long to tell someone because she had her own personal ties to Vosh and Jerry.  The entire unit’s together for this one as the case depends them all to be present. Antonio and an old colleague take their relationship to the next level. Hank and Lindsay deal with Bunny’s personal issues. And Platt’s guilt gets to her when a convict escapes on her watch.

Review | Analysis: “Erin’s Mom” was another strong episode, but it’s never easy to watch when victims aren’t rescued in time. In their own distinct ways each actor floored me this week and I was once again reminded of the incomparable talent on this show. Although the case was long and a bit overwhelming at times, it allowed viewers to really understand just how genuinely good the members of Intelligence are.

Bunny’s a confusing character and it’s primarily one of the reasons I have a difficult time trusting her. She starts off by saying that she wants a relationship with Erin, and yet even when she’s sober, she doesn’t seem to understand that honesty is the best way into her daughter’s life. Loyalty is the very reason why Hank and Erin are so close to one another as a family. There have been very few times where the truth was kept from someone, but there’s always been a reasonable explanation. You cannot just go in and out of someone’s life as you please then demand to be an active part in it. We are fully in control of all our actions and more often then not her actions are completely hypocritical. Moreover, scenes with Bunny this week did an excellent job of showcasing just how deep and compassionate Erin’s heart is and as always, when it comes to manifesting strong emotions, Sophia Bush is always at the top of her game. And that final bit at the end was as great as any emotional scene with Hank and Erin could be. From day one we’ve seen genuine consideration and love for one another in a way that all parents and children whether biological or not, should be.

In an episode that was heavily cased focused, it wasn’t easy to watch Olinsky and Ruzek deliver the news about the missing family members that were later found deceased. Elias Koteas has always done a marvelous job when it comes to manifesting sincerity making it easy to believe that whatever’s said comes from deep within.

Lastly, although the scene’s topped with comic relief, it’s a significant moment for Lindsay and Halstead. She and Hank are family – it’s more difficult for him to be open to her love life in the unit than anyone else’s because of general fears resulting in some form of a possible departure. Additionally, he always felt as though she’d break Jay’s heart and force him to step off his game.

Lindsay and Halstead are the perfect partners. It’s effortless for them to work together because the profound understanding they share plays a massive real in their work and personal lives. “That’s why you have back up” is a promise that’s continuously brought up in their world and this week, Lindsay allowed us to understand just how deep her feelings run. She’d take a bullet if it meant she could unwind with him. In their own inimitable ways, the two professed that being together is something that’s treasured. And nothing says you’re special than someone willing to sacrifice a part of their body for you. The road to love isn’t going to be easy with these two and I can see them temporarily parting ways and all that jazz; however, it’ll benefit them in the long run. Halstead and Lindsay are two people with a connection that comes once in a lifetime, and they’d always come back to one another.

Antonio’s new fling isn’t exactly something I’m all in for (yet), and it’s only because we don’t know much about her character. In the future however, if it does become something more, I hope we’re given more opportunities to see her heart because someone like Antonio deserves an amazing woman.

Next week, Burgess is in trouble again. Roman’s with her and I’m going to need a bit more time to process why her character’s constantly put in such situations. What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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