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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

February 1-7
“A Little Devil Complex” | Chicago P.D.
Jon Seda 

“A Little Devil Complex” gave Jon Seda the prime opportunity to play Antonio with a full range of emotions that showcased his abilities as an actor. The performances also did a splendid job of layering Antonio Dawson’s character.

Antonio Dawson is so complex and often in the past hasn’t known balance too well, but at the end of the day, he knows how to protect his loved ones, and how to get the job done. And I was stunned by the work done this week specifically when it came to moments of absolute vulnerability. There’s not even a particular scene I could choose to commend most because they were each more impressive than the next – a sight to see for all those who appreciate fantastic acting. It’s easy to exaggerate when it comes to scenes that require tears and that unfortunately forces the audience to lose sight of what’s being conveyed because the moment doesn’t feel organic. However, both Seda and Raymund were perfect partners in their scenes this week, because when Gabriela was rescued their fears and gratitude were innately brought to life in a heart trending way. And when they spoke at the bar, Seda brought forth a whirlwind of emotions stemmed from Antonio’s fears and regrets. It’s bad enough that he almost lost his sister, but prior to that she had questioned his tactics, and as a character with such a huge heart, it’s natural for him to be engulfed with compunctions. It’s natural for him to blame it all on himself because he prioritizes protecting his family over everything else so when it isn’t seen, it crushes him. Additionally, scenes that required a lot of frustration and anger were delivered with a heartbreaking form of vulnerability that allowed the audience see how terrified he is despite the fact that he’s attempting to keep it all together.

Ultimately, John Seda showcased a number of gifts this week as he delivered each of Antonio’s scenes with a compelling poignancy thus validating just how deeply his honorable heart pains at the thought of anything troubling those he cares for.

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