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Scandal 4×11 “Where’s the Black Lady” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

We find out who is really behind Olivia’s kidnapping and if love really conquers all.

Episode Summary: We go more into depth as to Olivia’s whereabouts and what the White House is trying to do in order to get her back in one piece.

Review | Analysis: Fitz gathers up an army of people who declare themselves as his own “support group.” Right after this we find out who the culprit really is and we can confirm it’s not Ian! It is actually…Andrew! The Vice Pres.. What?! He wants a war with Angola and tells Fitz he has 48 hours to decide or else Liv dies. So Fitz confides in Mellie who surprisingly says if he wants Olivia to live, he should go to war.

The sucky part is the fact that once going through with his decision, Andrew intends to keep Olivia until the end of Fitz’ term. Realizing she’s going to be in prison for three years, Olivia makes a few requests: beef stew, creamsicle and a bullet to the head!

Queue in the Gladiators! They’re trying to do everything they can to locate Liv and an old lady comes to the rescue when she enters the office.

Turns out she’s in need of assistance to find a missing friend. That missing friend happens to be Olivia’s neighbor so the team goes to the apartment to see if they can find any clues that will lead them to her.

Liz comes into play when Huck visits her at her house. He starts to question her about all things Andrew and somehow Liz turns to Mellie for help and Mellie agrees by seducing Andrew.

Before the episode ends, we see Olivia all cleaned up and ready to go on a private jet with Ian. She asks him if he wants to be a babysitter or a boss. Seems like she’s negotiated some type of deal herself: she’s going to help Ian sell her to the highest bidder and guess what? Fitz is welcome to bid!

This just got really interesting. Tune in next week as we uncover more.

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