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Scandal 4×10 “Run” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia’s been kidnapped!

Episode Summary: Since the hiatus, we’ve all been wondering who kidnapped Olivia and in tonight’s episode we finally get to see who the culprit really is!

Review | Analysis: Gladiators, our favorite show is back! And let us just go on record and say that this was probably the most crazy episode we’ve seen yet! Not to get personal, but this episode just unleashed my worst fear…getting KIDNAPPED! Talk about heart racing the entire time!

Where do we begin?! Maybe the beginning will be a good start…

We see one minute Olivia dancing with Jake and just being free. Next, we see her struggling to get out of the kidnapper’s arms and spills her red wine all over her couch. The fact that Jake was right there when she was trying to get a grip of the side wall and he couldn’t hear just breaks our hearts. As we see Jake run out of the apartment and chase down a black car, Olivia is just across her room panicking.

Jake comes back to the room and reports to what seems like Quinn and Charlie the license plate number of the car while Olivia watches him on the screens trying to figure out a way to scream for help. Liv’s neighbor gets shot and dies and the kidnappers decide to change out of their black masks and paint into EMTs.

In the ambulance, the kidnappers tell Liv that she needs to start saying something about how she wants to negotiate her life, but she knows that their leader is missing and that they won’t be able to kill her without his permission.

BAM! She gets injected and wakes up in a dirty prison-like cell. She can’t recall what happened and how she got to where she is. We were as confused as she! But she’s not alone. Her cellmate is a journalist named Ian, who acts like he’s been there for a long time. You can tell from his body language that he’s somewhat crazy and definitely scared. She tries to calm him down and reassures him that they’re going to get out because she’s Olivia Pope and that the President will be looking for her.

Never would we think that a bathroom would have such meaning as it does in this episode. After a few times of going, she realizes there’s a window. She makes it her mission to get that window propped open so she can possibly escape. However even though her cleverness was great, she was unable to leave. Who would’ve thought bra wires to escape?!

At one point, these kidnappers take Ian and shoot him. We assume that he dies, but we later find out that he was in fact the guy who was behind all of this. We still do not know why but I’m sure in the episodes to come everything will unravel slowly. After this horrific scene, we see Olivia in a different light. Jake came to the rescue and took her to the Vermont house that she and Fitz always talked about. We see her with Fitz and their jam. But, Tom is there and he keeps telling Olivia she doesn’t belong there and that she has to go back. Slowly we see all the gladiators come to her and tell her the same thing. Soon we realize that it’s just a dream. *tear*

She goes to the bathroom again, but notices that the window has been cemented. She sits and cries for a bit then realizes that the bracelet like thing she saw in her dream while talking to Abbey is on the pipe. She takes it off and uses the pipe as weapon. She goes on a rampage and kills the kidnappers who come in her way. At last, she escapes, but only to find herself in a studio? What?! And as if that wasn’t bad, “Ian” is alive and well. Turns out he was the one who orchestrated all of it. He tells her that there is a lot he needs to find out from her and that she’s already revealed some interesting facts (the pres!). They both walk back into the prison-like building and the episode comes to an end.

What did you guys think about this episode? Leave us comments below! We can’t wait to see what the next episode holds!

– Tanya Nazarian





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