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Revenge 4×14 “Kindred” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Once the dust has settled, some move forward while others are haunted by the guilt of their past decisions.

Episode Summary: As Malcolm’s death is celebrated, Emily and David finally have the moment to be father and daughter while others are still picking up the pieces from the ruin that was left behind.

Review | Analysis: The time is here. Revenge is over, at least for Emily. All the barriers have been taken down: the Graysons, all the accomplices, Malcom Black. It is finally the time for father and daughter to have a peaceful life together. We see the first normal interaction after years as David sends his daughter photos of a few ties to choose from.

This break from drama won’t last too long and we see that as Margaux slowly begins to gather the evidence against Emily. We see photos being taken of father and daughter as they share a hug while celebrating Emily’s real birthday.

Now that the calm is here, Emily must choose to keep her new identity or tell the world that Amanda is alive and well. When things get tough to figure out, she surprisingly turns to Ben. Nolan disrupts their conversation, but we did see a brief moment between the two.

It’s difficult to see Emily fall for one man after the other as Jack floats in the background. Killing Malcolm Black causes a lot of trauma for the new cop, and instead of rejoicing in his heroism, he quits his job. He started his training in order to protect all the people he loves and although he saved three lives that day, the guilt is surely drowning him. Ben however, gladly accepts the honor given for the heroic acts.

Nolan is married! Although the vows are not so genuine, the reasoning behind it is so noble. Emily visits the “happy couple” in order to bring forth the truth behind Louise’s memory on the death of her father. She runs away only to be followed by Emily, who tells her that her mother was in fact, the one who killed her father and framed the incident on her. Nolan stands by her side as Louis takes back control of her funds and her life.

There is no noble friend like Nolan. Through all the near death experiences, public torment, and dangerous missions, he has not left Emily’s side. Though he was publicly embarrassed by David, he did not walk away from that situation or the restoration of that family. He has always been the character we did not have doubt in.

Margaux does get evidence on Emily, only this time, Jack Porter is a part of it. Throwing her under the bus, would mean throwing him under the bus. After the heart felt discussion on parenting between her and Jack, it is hard to tell what the mother to be will do. Will she choose the path of revenge? Or will she let it go in order to keep Jack’s name in the clear.

As this revenge takes way, Emily chooses to keep her true identity a secret. She shares the acceptance of her new life with Ben as she heads over to his home. Jack’s face broke our hearts as he watched his childhood friend, kiss another man. Maybe it is finally time for the both of them to face the feelings that have always remained between them.

– Marian S.





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