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Revenge 4×13 “Abduction” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Blood is thicker than water and people will go to the ends of the worth for family.

Episode Summary: David’s plan backfires as he tries to save his daughter from the most dangerous man he knows.

Review | Analysis: Victoria couldn’t have said it better herself. After all this time, Emily and Victoria are locked in together.. waiting to die, waiting to live.

Ben Hunter is now in all the fun. Jack Porter and David Clark add the cop to their mission impossible, saving Emily. As complicated as this plot has come, and as much as she has done, Jack Porter never gives up on her. Somehow he never leaves.. even when Malcolm Black sends his men after him. Bens muffled screams save their lives as Jack turns around just in time to win the attack.

And our worst fear comes true. Malcolm Black realizes his daughter is dead and shots are fired at David, wounding him. But the fun isn’t over for this man. It doesn’t seem as though he will let him die right away. It’s too easy.

Victoria screams as David is wounded and for a split second, you see her as an actual human being with true feelings. After Emily’s confession that her father was planning on killing Mrs. Grayson, I assumed Victoria would  be indifferent toward the shooting but her cries said otherwise. Due to Victoria’s past selfish behavior, we all assumed finding out David wanted to kill her would only turn her heart cold toward the man and his daughter. Instead, she takes the blame of a death on her and continues to warn Emily on oncoming attacks by Malcom’s men. It is unlike her character and seems as though her guilt has caught up to her and she truly knows that her son’s death is in part, her fault. All she can do now, is give David the life he deserved a long time ago. Impressive.

To top things off, before Ben and Jack save the day, Victoria blames Malcolm’s daughters death on herself, taking the unwanted attention off of Emily. She surprises us more and more during this episode. And the most thoughtful moment comes when Victoria gives her sweet goodbye to David and allows the daughter and father to finally have a life together

Now Margaux is on her own quest for revenge driven by the anger toward Emily and the death of Daniel.

– Marian S.





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