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Revenge 4×12 “Madness” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Good and Evil isn’t as black and white as we hope as we see what good must do in order to protect the ones they love.

Episode Summary: Malcom Black is in town which means nobody is safe. As David tries to lure him in by using Kate as bait, things take a turn for the worst.

Review | Analysis: Malcom Black is in town and will stop at nothing to find his daughter. As Jack Porter steps out of his house, glancing back at his baby, we can’t help but fear the future of this family.. knowing what Mr. Black is capable of.

David is going against one of the most dangerous men but the idea of Kate being held hostage is enough to lure him in. The idea that she is still alive keeps everyone safe for the time being. But it seems as though things will not end as smoothly as David hopes.

Meanwhile, Margaux won’t let go of Daniel’s death. Memories of him flow to the surface every now and then, which works well for those of us who don’t want to accept the fact that he is gone. Her anger and revenge leads her to the hospital. Hopefully, all is well with the baby. That’s the only part of Danny we have left.

As Victoria enters the hospital with the purpose of revealing all secrets to Margaux in the attempts to relieve her from her pain, another ear is listening in. Ben Hunter, who was so certain Emily was innocent, listens in to the story of where revenge all began. What will happen with this newly found information remains a mystery for now.

David relives memories of Malcom Black as he explains why he must kill the man to Jack. However, Porter confesses to turning Malcom Black in to the police. Although it’s assumed that he will be behind bars for a very long time, David does not look happy. He knows all too well about the power this man has over the corrupt system. And as David fully guessed, Malcom was free within minutes.

Just as we think the worst is over, Malcom surprises us by appearing at the very end of the episode. He drugs both Victoria and Emily as they argue over the cause of Daniel’s death. Our greatest fear comes true when we realize this man knows the true identity of Emily. It’ll be interesting to watch both these women in a similar place. For the first time in a long time, they’re in the same place and perhaps it’ll help them out for the future.

– Marian S.





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