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Revenge 4×11 “Epitaph” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Deaths, investigating and coping, oh my!

Episode Summary: Everyone deals with Daniel’s death while Nolan does some investigating on Kate and her whereabouts.

Review | Analysis: Happy New Year Revengers! Except, it’s not really a happy one in the Hamptons. We start off the episode with the fallout of the show’s tragic midseason finale. But don’t you fret! There is a new revenge plot coming alive and a newcomer who arrives at the end of the episode. But let’s start off talking about the death of our dear Daniel.

The opening scene is at none other than Emily’s beach house, where David and Victoria are rushing out of the house towards Grayson manor after hearing the gun shots. As they arrive, Emily mournfully closes Daniel’s eyes (tear). Of course, being a mother, Victoria loses it when she sees Daniel’s body. She goes on a rage and screams at Emily “What did you do?!” It’s actually pretty heartbreaking we must say to see Victoria in that state considering that we don’t really like her very much. At that same time, Kate’s phone rings with a secret message from Malcolm Black asking where she is.

They start to panic trying to figure out an explanation for Daniel’s death before the police arrive. They come up with an angry possibly drunk Daniel shows up to Emily’s house that night to confront her about how much she had ruined his life. He eventually grew violent and Emily, fearing for her life, had no reason but to shoot him with a gun, obviously. Emily ends up mixing up the story as we see the flashbacks, but the police doesn’t do much considering she’s just witnessed the death of her ex husband.

Meanwhile, Nolan takes matters into his own hands with the whole situation dealing with Kate. He’s making it seem like she’s still alive. Hoping to direct Daddy dearest away from New York, Nolan lays some digital “breadcrumbs” to make it look like Kate went on an impromptu trip to Florida. He also sent the phone to Florida just in case. Smart cookie Nolan is! And it just so happens, he is able to track Black’s private planes and one of them is actually getting ready to depart from Ottawa. Any ideas as to where it’s going?

Jack, like everyone else, is not handling things well. He remains shaken after completing his first kill as a cop. He even takes some time off to cope with it. Jack’s partner, Ben, calls Emily down to the station for further questioning and Jack tries to convince her to not go through with it, but being Emily she decides to go. As the questions keep coming, the one that hits Emily the most is when she finds out Margaux was pregnant and that one does not sit well with her. Not one bit.

We find out that the plane did not end up in New York, and everyone is somewhat able to breathe a sigh of relief. Margaux shows up at the home and promises Emily that it’s her life’s goal to make her pay for murdering Daniel. Seems like Emily is about to get a taste of her own medicine. As if things weren’t already bad, Margaux disinvites Emily to the funeral with the approval of Victoria of course.

In the final scene of the episode, a man with an awful American accent claims to be working with the FBI stops Alvarez in the parking lot at the police station, to ask about Agent Kate Taylor. He starts blabbing on and what seems like potentially blows his cover, the man reveals his real Scottish accent and kills Alvarez. We have just met the season’s Big Bad Wolf everyone! Welcome Malcolm Black played by Tommy Flanagan, fresh off Sons of Anarchy.

– Tanya Nazarian





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