Parks and Recreation 7×07 “Donna and Joe” Recap

Parks and Recreation “Donna and Joe” Spoilers Ahead

Episode still from Parks and Recreation's "Donna and Joe"
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Donna and Joe’s wedding was just as sweet and fabulous as I imagined it’d be.

Episode Summary: While preparing to go to Donna’s wedding, Leslie and Ben are visited by Jen Barkley who proposes that Ben run for a position in the House of Representatives. Ron tells Lucy about Tom’s love and it causes a few problems in their relationship. April does a superb job at being Donna’s Maid of Honor. And Larry, Terry, Jerry, reveals his real name.

Review: It’s honestly so great to finally see the triplets, to see that things are in fact not easy, but Leslie and Ben have never taken that route and it’s what makes their family so beautiful. In fact, while I’m surprised by Ben’s decision, I’m also so proud and intrigued with the storyline that’s about to unfold with his second chance at a form of leadership.

This season has done such a fantastic job of showcasing just how deeply April cares about her friends – regardless of whether she likes to admit it or not, there’s probably nothing she loves more than doing something great for those she adores. It was clear this week that she enjoys bossing people around and she can most definitely keep things in control. It’s clear that without April, Donna and Joe’s wedding wouldn’t be as smooth, but it’s also clear that it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable – even if there were drama. April and Andy’s teamwork is hysterical because when she yells and he comforts the victim, problems are solved pretty quickly.

The sweetest part of Donna’s wedding apart from her vows, was her conversation with Leslie and April before the wedding. “Knope, you’re a softie, but on the inside you’re a straight up boss and April, you’re the exact opposite.” Even more gorgeous than the simple word usage to commend her friends were the ways each actress played that scene. Retta was beautifully strong in her stance, glowing as a bride, and heartfelt in every way possible. It was an excellent moment for Donna and she played it so well and organically. Aubrey Plaza did such a marvelous job in her subtle performances. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the show’s meant to be a mockumentary, but in that very subtle scene, it served as such a fine reminder but beyond that showed how much her character has evolved. And Amy Poehler was as fantastic as ever with Leslie’s tearful reaction. This was such a well-written scene and I love that it didn’t go too far because it’d result in me being an emotional wreck, so instead, the writers chose to bring in Donna’s old best friend who had once screwed her over. Thumbs-up scenes indeed.

Ultimately, this episode was an entertaining half-hour, which did a great job of setting everything in motion as we become closer to reaching the end. Ben Wyatt has supported Leslie Knope since the very beginning, and when they got together, she always came first. Leslie’s dreams came first. And for the first time, it’s Ben’s turn to start over. Ice Town may have been a tragedy, but with Leslie’s support, Ben can do no wrong. As the season progresses it’s going to be so great to be able to watch these two work towards campaigning for Ben and eventually winning. Watching the tables turn will allow for such character development, especially now that it’s not just the two of them, but three little humans they must take care of as well. Drunk Ben and Leslie made for a scene that’ll be watched over and over again, but most importantly it reminded us that these two dorks can use a little time off every now and then.

After Ron accidentally tells Lucy that Tom loves her, it causes a temporary rift between the two but thankfully gets solved by the end of the episode. So much of this episode relied heavily on establishing what’s to come as we near the end.

Donna and Joe’s wedding also revealed that “Larry, Terry, Jerry’s” name is actually Garry. It’s about time.

Top Three Favorite Quotes: 

1) Ben: You have never been neutral on anything, you have an opinion on pockets.

Leslie: Yes I think they should all be bigger.

2) Donna: Knope you’re a softie, but on the inside, you’re a straight-up boss. April, you’re the exact opposite. Y’all inspire me and I love you.

3) “The Meagles are weird. The words that they say sound passive but seem aggressive. I feel like there should be a term for that. Like … nicey meanie.” Andy to April

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