Parks and Recreation 7×02 “Ron and Jammy” Recap

Parks and Recreation “Ron and Jammy” Spoilers Ahead

Episode still from Parks and Recreation "Ron and Jammy"
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2017” was great, but Parks and Recreation “Ron and Jammy” was even better. Although much has changed, the one question I still have is how on earth does Tammy still have a job? Especially after this week’s shenanigans.

Episode Summary: When Leslie learns that Councilman Jamm has become a living copy of Ron because he’s dating Tammy II, she decides a truce needs to be called in order to help break them up. April begins to worry over the fact that she isn’t doing her dream job while Ben helps her find some options. Andy and Tom take a spontaneous trip to Chicago in order for Tom to see Lucy (Natalie Morales).

Review: Megan Mullally reprised her role as the diabolical Tammy II one final time phenomenally while Amy Poehler was given the opportunity to mimic her noteworthy traits brilliantly. As frustrating as Tammy II has always been, it’s been hilarious to watch their hate filled banter with one another. While it’s evident that Ron and Leslie will mend their once amazing friendship, it was fantastic to watch them angrily but without hesitation join forces to take on Tammy II. And it was even more glorious than the times before.

It was incredible to watch Leslie slap Councilman Jamm out of his funk because at the end of the day, even though this was to benefit him, homeboy’s behavior in the past was begging for it. Leslie and Ron successfully managed to make a man out of Jamm because when Tammy II was standing naked in the library, and sex being the only thing the two hadn’t yet shared, he told her off and left her standing and screaming in the middle of library. Again, how does this woman still have a job? Although after the task was completed Leslie and Ron went back to fighting, it’s going to be even greater to see them reunite because I don’t doubt for a second that they’ll be closer than ever. And I thought that wasn’t possible after their stance in “Leslie and Ben” Every family has their moments right? This is theirs.

Much like in “2017” this episode was great for Leslie and Ron, but it was even more emotional for April as she pondered the state of her career. Ben and April’s friendship has always been a favorite of mine, and this week served as a great reminder as to why. April’s insane, in the best, most interesting way, and Ben isn’t. She’s a modern day Wednesday Addams with a kick. The two of them however have clicked so beautifully in the past, and it’s lovely that much like Leslie, he’s always seen the greatness April’s capable of. On some bizarre and far from extreme level, he’s like the Pugsley to her Wednesday (or maybe the Lurch, I’m now very conflicted and lost in my own thoughts). It’s so much fun to watch Adam Scott and Aubrey Plaza play polar opposites and in this episode especially, it was amusing to watch Ben freak out over dead people while April couldn’t wait to touch one. Something tells me she would’ve fit right in with the characters in Pushing Daisies. And when April’s frustration with the amount of school that’s required to do the job forced her to leave the room irritated, Ben’s desire to continue helping her left me very emotional. April’s capable of so much more than she knows and Ben is really good at encouraging people to succeed. It’s going to be so nice to watch them delve further into this storyline.

Since I’ve already said this much, it’s probably no surprise that my favorite part of this episode was the final moment the two share at the office. In her exquisitely emotionless way April exhibits her gratitude for Ben in a quick embrace that was meant to reveal the prodigious amount of heart behind the “I hate everything” demeanor. Aubrey Plaza did a wonderful job of delivering the right amount of profound vulnerability throughout the episode and during the embrace. She sold the complexity and doubtfulness within April in a way so real I found myself getting teary eyed in the end. And Adam Scott’s serene expressiveness in the moment sold the scene impeccably. Most importantly, the scene stuck out most with me because I feel that there’s never a time where people aren’t going through the perplexing phase April’s in. And now thanks to Donna Meagle brilliance, I’ll be using “Saturn’s Return” to describe the phase.

In an episode that would’ve otherwise been too emotional, I’m thankful for the fact that Andy’s character has remained the same, but it’s been great. Andy’s character has shown so much growth, I often get mad at myself for not being too fond of him in the beginning. A man who once did nothing but take advantage of love has not only found an epic one for himself, but he’s wise enough to understand that the right thing to do is to chase what you desire. It was sweet of him to convince Tom to take a trip to Chicago and then get so caught up in the lie that it provided a great form of entertainment. Sometimes, no matter how long two people part ways for, things are the same when they reunite, and I’m excited to see something flourish once again for these two. And this time hopefully, it’s for good.

My only concern for next week is that I want to see the triplets. I want to see Leslie and Ben being parents. I want to see April and Andy being their uncle and aunt. I want to see the adventures get bigger and better as this group of people fulfill their destinies. So cheesy, but oh so true.

What are your thoughts on Parks and Recreation “Ron and Jammy?”

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