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Chicago P.D. 2×13 “A Little Devil Complex” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

ChicagoP.D. picks up where Fire left off with an incredibly solid episode that once again showcases the significance of family.

Episode Summary: Gabriela Dawson comes to P.D. to ask her brother for help regarding the arsonist responsible for killing Leslie Shay. Antonio and the team agree to help without hesitation by deciding that they need to provoke “Adrian Gish” (Robert Kneper) in order to be able to arrest him. Platt lies about being under investigation and begins acting overly sweet with the officers. Halstead and Lindsay continue to sneak around. And justice if finally served for Leslie Shay’s tragic murder.

Review | Analysis: Robert Kneper is a gift to Hollywood. It was great to see him back on our screens as a complete menace because he does such a fantastic job in every role he plays.

Chicago P.D. has been delivering some fantastic episodes since the second season’s aired, but I kept stating that it’d been lacking a lot of Antonio thus, I’m so pleased with this episode and the amount of great scenes we got from the character.

Also, stay tuned for a performance review coming up this week because Jon Seda floored me like he’s never done before.

Generally, this was one of the show’s most entertaining episodes because the case was so personal. And our villain is so good at being crazy, it’s astounding to watch an actor’s hard work. At the end of the day however, it gave so much depth to a character that’s been sidelined and really served as a reminder that this group of individuals will stop at nothing to make sure justice is served. And heaven forbid anyone close to them is harmed in the meantime.

The primary focus of the episode was on the Dawson siblings and Leslie Shay. It made complete sense for Gabriela to get impatient and blame things on Antonio because they didn’t just arrest Gish whenever he was in their custody. The argument gave them the opportunity to patch things up in a way so genuinely heartfelt that it really conveyed the depth of fear they each felt when Gabriela was Gish’s target. It showed what phenomenal heroes Antonio and Gabby truly are. Jon Seda did such a marvelous job this week that it’s legitimately difficult to find words to describe his performance, but at the end of the day, what I always say is that if a scene is evocative, then the actor has succeeded. He’d succeeded throughout the entire episode and I’m so happy the show gave him this opportunity to shine. Each moment with the Dawson siblings was a work of art – stunning performances in each scene by both Jon Seda and Monica Raymund.

And it was so beautiful for the episode to end with members of Chicago Fire,stating that they’re finally happy. Although nothing will ever be the same for them after losing Shay, they can at least move on in peace knowing the murderer responsible has paid the ultimate price

Tables have turned this week with Lindsay finally authenticating how much Halstead means to her as she states – “just because I’m back, doesn’t mean I want to quit me and you”. So far we’ve seen a lot of physical desperation from these two, and while that’s completely understandable and necessary, it’s great that we’re finally shown the depth of how much Lindsay cares for her feelings have always been more subtle than Jay’s. And it’s so beautifully admirable that Jay’s willing to talk to Voight because Erin’s someone worth risking everything for. Her fears and suggestion to sneak around are also understandable, but it’s commendable that after a hard day, they both realized just how much the other means to them. It’s commendable that they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to make their partner happy. And it’s commendable that at the end of the day, Erin’s choice was a selfless one – it speaks volumes that when Jay came to Erin’s apartment she was not only willing to continue the conversation they left off at, but she agreed to telling Voight the truth. The fact that they’re both willing to take huge risks for one another exhibits how deep their feelings are. And now that this desire is out there, I don’t doubt that whatever comes between them will be impeccable.

So much of this episode was so great that it really doesn’t leave a lot of room to analyze. What are your thoughts on everything that happened!? Remember, we’re always open to discussion as long as it’s hate free

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