Agent Carter 1×03 “Time and Tide” Recap

Agent Carter “Time and Tide” Spoilers Ahead

Peggy Carter in Agent Carter "Time and Tide"
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Agent Carter’s third episode, “Time and Tide” was yet another solid one proving that this show will probably, definitely be Marvel’s best thus far.

Episode Summary: As Peggy and Jarvis continue to search for Leviathan and Stark’s stolen weapons, she’s forced to work as a double agent which eventually gets a member of SSR killed.

Review | Analysis: Once again the episode has left me disgusted with the male characters – other than Jarvis and Daniel, of course. If it weren’t for Thompson and the rest of the team mistrusting her solely because of the fact that she’s a woman, she and Jarvis wouldn’t need to sneak around. If it weren’t for their misjudgment and ridiculing Krzeminski would definitely still be alive. It would’ve been so simple for them to trust that since and Steve have both worked with Stark, they know what he is and isn’t capable of. And if that were the case, it would’ve been the entire team against Leviathan as opposed to just Peggy and Jarvis.

So much of this episode focused on establishing Peggy’s relationships with people she’s surrounded by. While in the beginning we were reminded of her closeness with Steve, this week we were given the opportunity to watch new friendships unfold. It was great to have Jarvis honestly tell her the story of how the reason he was once convicted was because he was trying to get his wife to safety. It’s interesting because as the show progresses, I assume the two of them will do everything in their ability to make sure the other is safe. And that’ll demonstrate their steadfastness to people they grow to care for. And it mirrors the past brilliantly because at the moment, they’re both taking enormous risks while teamed up with one another.

Peggy once again showcased the vastness of her heart when she openly cried for a man she didn’t even care for. It’s fantastic to watch such a riveting character explain her confusion with the fact that a death for a man she never liked has actually hit home to her. While I’m not at all sad to see Krzeminski go, his death was definitely more than just a shock factor. SSR isn’t safe. No one is safe. And at the end of the day, while members of Hydra are still on the loose, trusting people is going to be difficult. Let’s not forget Krzeminski insulting Daniel’s disability by comparing him to Captain America.

Krzeminski was completely out of line when he used Daniel’s physical condition as a reasoning behind Peggy never being with him. I didn’t, and still don’t really actively root for them to be together. However, I know I’m going to probably get there soon. Of all the men at the office, apart from Steve, Howard, and Jarvis he’s the only man who respects Peggy as a woman and an agent. He’s the only man who gives her credit for everything she does and respects her properly. If something does happen between the two, I trust that the show will do it in a way where it’ll feel organic. She cannot spend her entire life alone and while she’s still grieving over Steve, he would most definitely not want her to spend life loveless.

Another thing I really love about what the show’s begun to do is the friendship they’re slowly solidifying with Peggy and Angie. The two got into an argument at the start of the episode, but it didn’t stop Peggy from leaning on her after a hard day and it didn’t stop Angie from listening to her. That’s exactly how friendship works and it’s what I feared the series might’ve left out. What’s better than a badass female, a great female/female friendship, awesome female/male friendships, awesome action sequences, and fantastic storylines? Not much, friends. Not much.

Hayley Attwell and James D’Arcy continue to stun me with their performances. It’s legitimately so much fun to watch these two constantly give their all every single episode. They have such fantastic chemistry and each of their individual quirks as an actor manifest so much in each of their scenes.

Now that the stakes are higher, threats are well heard, and relationships have been solidified a bit more, I feel that upcoming episodes will feature so much more heart and excellent storytelling. The more we get into it, the more noted stories will unfold phenomenally.

What are your thoughts on Agent Carter “Time and Tide?”

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