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TV Tuesday

November 18, 2014

TV Series:Once Upon A Time
Episode: “Smash the Mirror”

They accept us for who we are and that’s important, but it’s not enough. It’s on us, too. You have to love yourself, Emma – the good and the bad.“  Elsa of Arendelle 

Once Upon A Time never fails to tell beautiful love stories, but the strength of this show also comes from the stunning stories that are being told through platonic love as well. Most importantly, we admire the fact that this episode emphasized the notion of self-love being a form of healing — there is a massive difference between being selfish and loving yourself. It’s remarkable to have people believe in us, but the things they say will never impact us unless we begin to believe them as well.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to love ourselves, for surely we’ve all gone through things in life that’ve forced us to believe we weren’t deserving of the good life. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that we’re all humans – we’ll all make mistakes and we’ll never be perfect. It’s important to accept every part of yourself for they’re what make you special. If we love ourselves, then we understand ourselves, and that’s the key to make right of our wrongs – to succeed in whatever area we’re hoping to.

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