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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

October 5 – 11
White Out“ | Once Upon A Time
Georgina Haig

Whether viewers are familiar with Disney’s animated film Frozen or not, Haig has been doing a splendid job of bringing both fear and compassion to Elsa’s character. And in ”White Out” especially, the emotional changes in her are done with a kind of grace that allows the audience to recognize just how trustworthy she is.

Ultimately, Haig has been doing an exceptional job of manifesting Elsa’s fears – from the voice breaks to her uncontrolled hand movements, she brings such rawness to Elsa. Elsa’s considerate nature is showcased wonderfully in the small touches Haig adds to her character. A a paradigm of such a moment is when she held Emma’s hands in an attempt to both warm her up and try to distract her from the cold — in that moment, the audience no longer sees an ice queen, but an older sister figure. Someone who’s used to taking care of another person. Anna may have helped her with her powers, but at the end of the day, Elsa’s the older sibling who’s used to the caregiving, and during their time in the cave, Elsa intuitively does that with Emma.

We are able to see through the Ice Queen facade because of the softness she conveys – a kind that shows poignant character growth. Those who are familiar with the animated film know how frightened Elsa is of hurting people, and what Haig’s able to exhibit with her expressiveness and the earnestness in her voice is genuine remorse. Haig’s meticulous acting choices not only show Elsa’s damaged spirit, but they allow the audience to see how selfless and determined to do good she is. We are able to see the kind of compassion in her that inspires and allows audiences to relate to her character.

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