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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

November 16 – 22
Suits of Woe” | Sons of Anarchy
Charlie Hunnam

The key to making grief evocative is playing the scene with the right amount of emotions. Charlie Hunnam is one of the few actors whose meticulous choices as an actor have brought an indescribable form of rawness to Jax’s character. And in a scene highly anticipated since December of last year, Hunnam’s performance was a heartrending marvel to watch. While his breakdown in the final scene was incredibly saddening, it’s the full range of emotions Hunnam played the shocking disclosure with Juice. The amount of gut wrenching ache in Hunnam’s expressiveness was complimented with shaking body, weakened stance, and agonizing voice breaks.

Hunnam wasn’t so over the top where it distracted from the moment, but as a perfect performance should be, the expressions, organic voice breaks, and body language contributed to making the scene feel authentic. The audience essentially watched him come undone in a scene that can only be described as breathtaking. An excellent delivery that had everyone and their mother talking on social media.

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